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    We are the longest running all inclusive gifted education program in the United States. Our services include full-time, self-contained classrooms where our identified students are taught together with teachers certified in gifted education.  We also provide pull-out resource rooms in schools where the students are pulled out of their regular classrooms and serviced a few days per week.


    History of the Gifted Program

    In October 1921, the Cleveland Public School System began its first program for gifted children at Denison Elementary School where gifted children in grades four, five, and six participated. This program was supported by the Women’s City Club of Cleveland.

    From 1921 to 1927, fourteen elementary and two junior high schools were established as centers for gifted children. In the decades of the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Cleveland Public Schools developed and articulated a program for gifted pupils from the primary grades through high school.

    Thus, from a modest beginning, the program, which at one time was called the “greatest experiment in education,” has grown and developed into a program that currently provides enriching educational experiences for over 2,500 children with high intellectual and/or academic ability.

    Overview of the Gifted Education Program in CMSD

    The Gifted Education Program in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District consists of gifted service currently in grades 2-6 (and 7-8th grade in select schools), the Honors Program in grades 7 and 8, and the AP Program at the high school level.  There are three schools that service gifted identified children in a self-contained, single-classroom setting. The Advanced Placement (AP) courses vary amongst high schools. 


    Gifted Pull-out Resource Rooms servicing gifted identified children are offered at over twenty of the District’s Schools in grades 2-6 (or 2-8 in select schools).


    Contact Us:

    Kerry Ivkovic, Program Manager K-8 Gifted Education
    1111 Superior E, #1752
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    Phone: 216.838.0131

    Anthony Battaglia, Advanced Placement Coordinator
    Secondary Gifted Education, AP and Career & College Readiness
    Phone: 216.838.0164


    Resources outside CMSD:

    Ohio Association for Gifted Children: www.OAGC.com
    National Association for Gifted Children: www.NAGC.org