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    Everything you need to know about snow days in CMSD

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    As winter begins in Cleveland, CMSD is committed to making sure parents and caregivers know right away if the District decides to close their child's school due to inclement weather.

    When schools are closed, parents and caregivers will be told by 6 a.m. -- through the mainstream media, social media, the District website and direct outreach by automated calls when possible. 

    When one school or group of schools is to be closed, the decision will be made at least two hours before the scheduled school opening, if possible.


School Closings: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I find out my child's school is closed or delayed or my child is being sent home early or relocated?

  • When will I find out that the school is closed, delayed or my child is being sent home early or relocated?

  • Who decides to close school, delay school start, dismiss school early or relocate a students?

  • What are the acceptable reasons?

  • Will after-school, before-school or weekend activities be cancelled?

  • How will I be notified if weekend events are canceled or will be held?

  • Do I have to be told that my child is being sent home?

  • Do school employees still go to work when schools are closed, delayed or my child is sent home?