• Strategic Operations Division

    The Strategic Operations Division is responsible for supporting the implementation of the district's design elements  to achieve the district’s Vision for Learning in a Post-Pandemic World.

    We oversee the coherence of strategy of key initiatives as they move through the following phases of implementation which will result in all scholars realizing their potential as reflected in the Profile of a CMSD Graduate:

    • Research and Design
    • Prototype/Piloting
    • Launch & Implement
    • Monitoring

    The Strategic Implementation Team strives to reduce inefficiencies and leverage capacity to assist all district teams to improve organizational excellence.

    The Strategic Implementation Team is comprised of the following departments who coordinate their respective workstreams to support the objectives and provide coherence for all initiatives:

    • School Performance
    • Policy and Planning  
    • Research and Development
    • Organizational Accountability
    • Assessment, Testing and Logistics 



    JR Tomkinson

    Chief Strategic Operations Officer

    J.R. Tomkinson
    216.838.0022  |  Email

    Strategic Implementation Team

    Christopher L. Broughton, Ph.D.
    Executive Director, Organizational Accountability
    216.838.0117  |  Email
    Nicholas D'Amico Ph.D.
    Executive Director of School Performance
    216.838.0112  |  Email
    Audrey Staton-Thompson 
    Executive Director, Office of Contract Implementation
    216.838.0343  |  Email
    Joseph S Micheller, Ed.D
    Executive Director, New School Development
    216.838.0156  |  Email
    Melissa Skelly
    Executive Director of Policy & Planning
    216.838.4964  |  Email
    LaTisha Grimes
    Executive Director of Assessments Testing and Logistics
    216.838.0159 | Email