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    Call your school today if your child needs health care services


    Integrated HealthCleveland Metropolitan School District and Say Yes Cleveland have created the Integrated Health Initiative (IHI) that makes mental and physical health services available to students free through their schools. Get your child all services available by filling out the IHI consent form

    While your school nurse and other trusted providers will continue to provide care, the IHI will allow schools to be even more responsive to the physical and mental health needs of children. 

    Please complete the consent form and return it to the school. All information on the form will remain private.



    A healthy mind, heart, body, and soul = “Academic Success”

    Integrated Health provides the assured map to success.



    All CMSD scholars have access to high-quality physical and mental health care services.



    The Integrated Health Department will provide seamless physical and behavioral health services to all scholars that promote lifelong wellness and support learning.



    1. Expand access to and use of health care services.
    2. Increase Medicaid reimbursement for school-based health services.
    3. Increase the number of scholars for whom the Health Consent Form has been completed.
    4. Increase the number of scholars enrolled in health insurance.
    5. Increase the number of scholars who have and utilize a medical home.




    Read more about the Health Consent Form.

    View the list of participating local health care providers here.



    Questions? Need Help?

    Please contact Bernetta Wiggins, Executive Director, via email or call 216.838.0102.


    Key Resources for Educators and Staff



    Bernetta Wiggins, Executive Director, Integrated Health
    Email | 216.838.0102
    Selina Howard, Program Manager, Integrated Health
    Email | 216.838.0195
    Kimberly Eddie, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director Integrated Health Dept.
    Email | 216.838.0277



    Integrated Health Services

    Psychological Services

    Dr. Mary Ann Teitelbaum, Director, Office of Psychological Services
    Email |  216.838.0280


    Nursing Services

    Patricia Forrai
    Director of Nursing Services
    Office: 216.838.0236


    Speech and Language Pathology/ Audiology

    Samantha Brown, Director, Office of Speech Language Pathology Services
    Email |  216.838.2977
    Valerie Miller, Director, Office of Speech, Language and Pathology Services
    Email | 216.340.4249


    Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy

    Karen Thompson-Repas, Director, Office of Physical and Occupational Therapy
    Email |  216.838.2976


    Project ACT

    Dr. Marcia Zashin, Director, Office of Project ACT
    Email |  216.838.0210
    Toll Free- 800.961.1990