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    Ombuds Day

    CMSD Celebrates National Ombuds Day 2023 on October 12!

    Every second Thursday of October, people around the world take time to celebrate ombuds.

    Ombuds Day serves as an additional opportunity to educate and raise awareness among the public about the practices of the ombuds profession including the various ombuds models, the roles they play, the services they offer, and the value provided.



    We listen.  We inform.  We serve as a resource.

    The Ombuds Office (pronounced Om-budz) serves as a resource to parents, guardians, caregivers and community members to help resolve disputes or concerns that have not been resolved at the school building level, i.e. bullying, academic disputes, teachers/principal conflicts, transportation or other conflicts.

    Please be mindful that your scholars teacher, principal, or other school staff are best positioned to support your needs when you have a concern at the school.  Please contact the Ombuds office when:

    • you have exhausted all efforts to resolve the issue at the building level.
    • you feel strongly that your concern or issue requires mediation from a neutral party
    • you believe that a school or district policy has been violated.

     We are always happy to serve and explore options to resolve conflict together!


    The Ombuds Office strives to:

    • empower individuals to overcome disputes, conflicts, and barriers to find options for best possible resolutions.
    • assist with navigating through processes while providing information and resources.
    • foster collaboration and effective communication. 
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    Understanding our role as Ombuds


    Ways in which we are able to serve you:

    • Listen and identify the areas of concerns and the appropriate first place to seek resolution
    • Clarify policies and procedures
    • Facilitate communication between parties
    • Assist in exploring options and potential informal resolutions to complaints and concerns
    • Gather information and offer referrals to other resources
    • Identify trends to systemic problems and potential solutions


    Ombuds Office 24 hour message line - 216.838.0090