• School Quality Review

    CMSD has partnered with SchoolWorks to implement a School Quality Review (SQR) process that is part of the larger school performance framework used to provide a comprehensive assessment of the quality of each school in the District. The comprehensive school performance framework is an evidence-based process that includes data and information gathered on academic programs and performance, school climate, finance, operations, governance, and stakeholder satisfaction, among other sources. The SQRs are one component of the school performance framework; the reports are not intended to be used as stand-alone assessments of school performance. The SQR is an internal accountability process that should inform decision-making, provide formative feedback, and support planning at the district and school level.  The SQR process is aligned to The Cleveland Plan by offering a rich information system to guide school self-assessment and planning as part of performance-based accountability for schools.

    The SQR protocol and review process provides a critical  perspective on current school quality for all students. The process will include two days of collecting evidence on site through interviews, classroom visits, and document review to determine school ratings on the protocol’s criteria and indicators. In addition, the review will include a half-day prioritization session on the third day to assist the school leadership team in identifying which opportunities for improvement are of the highest priority and most likely to impact student achievement. The outcome of the action planning process is a prioritized plan of next steps, including strategies, resources, and timelines to accomplish goals. Finally, the SQR report documents the team’s ratings for key questions within each of the four domains identified in the SQR protocol: Instruction; Students’ Opportunities to Learn; Educators’ Opportunities to Learn; and Leadership.
    CMSD piloted the SQR process in 14-15 with 10 schools.  In 15-16 we visited 25 schools and added another 45 schools in 16-17.  For 17-18 we anticipate doing baseline SQR visits at 16 schools and follow up visits to 10 schools that were first visited in 14-15.
    TBD, SQR Coordinator - 216.838.0113