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Frequently Asked Questions

Workday is a new software that will dramatically improve our human resources, finance, purchasing and payroll systems & processes to make them more accurate and efficient by automating manual processes, streamlining work and consolidating our many software systems into one place. For example, Workday will:

  • Automate the employee requisition process,
  • Streamline the purchase ordering process,
  • Replace the AS400 system,
  • Use only one source of record for human resources, finance, purchasing and payroll


We have older technology that lacks critical functions. Our current systems are inflexible and unable to meet the needs of the district. The same information is housed in different systems and results in duplicate efforts. Some of our systems consist of paper and spreadsheets.

Workday is easy to use and has a more modern look and feel. It can be accessed and used wherever you have internet access. Which means you can use it from home.

Employees will be able to:

  • Keep their personal information up to date
  • View more detailed paystubs on-line
  • Paystubs will breakdown hours worked and overtime
  • See time-sheet information real time
  • Have expenses reimbursed more timely
  • Change direct deposit-accounts


Supervisors will enjoy:

  • Data that is visible to all users
  • Automated PO/resolution process
  • Procurement status will be seen real time
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Ability to see payroll data
  • Ability to tell when a charge hits a cost center and what it was for
  • Improved purchasing efficiencies


For more information visit the Workday@CMSD website: https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Workday Or send a note to WorkdayInfo@clevelandmetroschools.org

Yes. When the Workday system goes live, your Workday password will align to your Outlook UserID and Password. When the Outlook password changes your Workday password will, also.

Workday is compatible with all browsers. Google Chrome and Firefox seem to work best with Workday.

No, only those with appropriate levels of security access to see this information will be allowed to see employee personal information.


  1. Click your Related Actions > Personal Data > Change My Photo.
  2. Click the Select files button to locate, crop, and upload your image, or drag and drop your image directly into the Attachments section from your desktop. You can crop and adjust the image by dragging the white corners to the desired specifications. The portion of the image within the unshaded circle represents how your photo will look on your Profile page.
  3. Click OK > Submit.
  4. Your manager's approval is required before the change takes effect.


Yes. However you must sign out of both Workday and Outlook and close the browser when you finish entering your time to completely log out of the system.

Time must submitted by pay day Friday. Timekeeper validations must be completed by the Monday after pay day Friday. Supervisor approvals must be completed by the Tuesday after pay day Friday. Corrections can be made up until end of day Tuesday. Once payroll processing starts on Wednesday, corrections cannot be made for that pay. Retroactive corrections can be made after that time for previous periods, but those corrections will be processed during the next pay run.

Each quarter must be submitted as a one-time payment for now. Compensation is still working on streamlining this process.

Yes, but the principal is still considered responsible for the actions of their delegate.

Coaches will be hired into a coaching position. So yes, they will be available for one-time payments.

No, the principal will request the one-time payment for a coaching position.

Each individual tutor will enter their hours worked as a tutor in Workday on their web calendar.

Oversized classroom payments are processed as they are done today. The Compensation department will input the one time payment into Workday for payment processing.

Teacher must enter their PD time on their Workday time sheet. This should include the name of the PD, location, and date in the comment section of the time sheet. The timekeeper will validate these PD hours by looking on a professional development shared drive to validate attendance.

Each quarter must be submitted as a one-time payment for now. Compensation is still working on streamlining this process.

Principals are 12 month employees. APs are 10 month employees. 10 month employees are paid in days due to how their salaries are calculated. All 12 month employees are paid in hours to offer the flexibility to take time off in hour increments.

All submitted time is validated by a timekeeper and approved by the employee's supervisor/principal.

No - Workday is a time capture system for payroll. Bi-weekly time submission for exempt employees and paras is not sufficient for point in time attendance. School based attendance must be addressed external to Workday.

No, All district employees will use Workday for electronic time capture. Non-exempt employees, except paras, will use daily check-in check-out to capture time. Exempt employees and paras will enter their hours worked directly in the Workday web calendar. Teachers fall into the latter category. Thus, check-in check-out functionality will not be used by teachers.

Schools can continue to use existing processes that may include Class Coverage Forms. However, the teacher should still enter their class coverage into the Workday system.

Workday has a 99.98% up-time record. The district has a service level agreement with Workday and any outage should be minimal in duration. We ask all employees to report any outages to the IT Service Desk as soon as possible. Exempt employees and paras can enter and submit their time when the Workday system is back up and operational. Non-exempt employees other than paras, can use a number of methods to check-in and check-out. For areas with time clock machines, these clocks will accept check-in and check-out transactions regardless of whether Workday is running or not. Transactions captured by time clocks when Workday is down will be sent to Workday when the system is back up and operational. For areas without time clocks, the employee must contact their time keeper with the appropriate check-in or check-out information that needs to be entered when the system is up and running.

This varies by business process and task. They all have different lengths assigned to them.

The summer school position will be listed as a separate position. Teachers select “Checked In”, “1” day.

This will be paid as a stipend or as a separate position; this process is being finalized by Compensation.

To clear the error you will need to enter the Class Coverage type in the Details section and validate or enter comments related to the class coverage. This must also be done if you would wish to delete the class coverage that was copied from a previous week.

No. Work time will not be overwritten by SmartFind Express. An absence row will be added to the web calendar by SmartFind Express. The timekeeper would need to remove the work time for the same day that has the absence row.

Employees should enter time worked from December 17th through December 23rd and then submit time on December 23rd for the pay period ending December 30th. The system is configured by the use of calendars and knows the days of our holiday break. Holiday time is automatically calculated in Workday. If an employee left for break without submitting their time he or she must see their timekeeper upon return.

Ask your Timekeeper to have leave time recorded or use SmartFind Express, using the business process you typically would. You do not need to modify your regular time worked. You will not need a conversion chart.

When you have selected the Tutor position, change the time type from Checked In to ‘Regular Time Worked.” The time entry field will switch from days to hours.

In schools with multiple timekeepers, any timekeeper can review time entries. If a timekeeper is unable to review the entries, they must delegate this duty to another employee or their Supervisor. Time will not be able to be viewed by the supervisor if it is not first approved by the Timekeeper or if the duty was not delegated to the supervisor. If you do not perform your duty or delegate it, the employee’s time will not be seen by the supervisor.

Time Approvers must delegate this duty to another employee or their Supervisor. Time will not be processed if not approved by the manager. In extreme cases Payroll can step in to do a mass Submit.

This is a differential position and must be added as a One Time Payment by your supervisor. You do not need to track this time worked in Workday.

Required documents can be scanned from your phone or a scanner/copy machine at your work site or at home and then emailed to yourself as an attachment. Open the file from your email, save it on the desktop, and upload the file in Workday. Delete the file from the desktop—it is now saved in Workday. Please let your supervisor know if you need additional assistance. You may also complete this process from home if you have a scanner.

Employees whose role requires them to work at multiple locations throughout the day will need to check in and out only once in the day, providing they are working in the same role throughout the day. If an employee has multiple roles, they will need to check in and out for the specific role they are working at that time.

Summer School Staffing for 2017 will use Workday to post and fill the positions. Currently, summer staffing positions are a separate set of positions, distinct from the positions related to our non-summer school positions. The Talent team will address summer school issues after go live.

Teachers will use Workday to track class coverages, using units (number of times they complete the class coverage in a day).Class coverages require employees to add a comment that includes the periods covered and the name of the teacher for which coverage was provided. The validation of class coverages is a CMSD business process that requires validation by the Timekeeper.

Time entry errors or omissions found by employees after time submission can be corrected by Timekeepers/Secretaries or managers at the request of the employee. If an error is identified by the Timekeeper/Secretary or manager at the time it was submitted, the timekeeper or manager can correct the timesheet and return it to the employee for the employee's review and resubmittal. Employees will be automatically notified by Workday of the change.

For non-exempt employees eligible for overtime, the Workday system will automatically calculate your overtime if you work more than your regular hours hours/day. Overtime will still need to be approved by your manager.

Central Office substitute secretaries will enter their time information in SmartFind Express and the time will be approved by the timekeeper. Supplemental compensation would be entered directly into Workday and approved by the timekeeper. A designee in the Talent Department will be their timekeeper.

Timekeepers at the schools will verify time.

An employee can have 10 direct deposit accounts within Workday.

No, starting in Jan 2017, pay stubs will no longer be mailed to your home. They will be available to view and print within Workday.

The 2016 tax forms (including your W-2) will be mailed to your home. The 2017 tax forms (including W-2) will be available electronically within Workday and you can print them.

The deadline for teachers and paras to enter their time is midnight on payday Fridays.

Tutors will enter their time into the Workday system as well as record their time on a time card that will be signed by the parent. The signed paper time cards will be sent to special education which will review the signed paper time cards and approve the time entry in Workday. The signed time cards will be retained for audit purposes.

No – coaching is a one-time payment. The hours do not need to be tracked in Workday.

There is a drop down option for entering these instances in Workday.

All CMSD employees are in the Workday system; options available are specific to each position. Differential positions that are One Time Payments by the manager do not require time tracking in Workday.

Yes, the timesheets should match. All employees are expected to accurately enter their time worked, coverage, etc. as part of their time keeping for the period.

This is a departmental and union question, not a Workday issue. Please direct this inquiry there.

All hours worked for training are entered into Workday. Any adjustments to clocking in or out can be made by the timekeeper.

Supervisor will see whatever PD and CEU information that the employee enters in his/her profile. The supervisor will also see PD hours earned outside of the contracted work day that the employee has claimed for payment through time entry. CEUs / PD hours tracked and reported for the IPDP will follow the current process through the Office of PD, and not be in Workday. This may change in future years as Workday develops.

No - While you will be able to see how many PD hours you have claimed via your submitted time sheets, a link to licensure or licensure requirements will not be part of Workday.

TDES and OPES will not occur in Workday. If supervisors need historical employee evaluation information from these systems, they follow current processes. Supervisors will not see past evaluations in Workday. The classified and non-bargaining evaluation processes will go live in Workday in spring 2017. Historical evaluation data will be uploaded to Workday over time.

The time worklet is for tracking pay opportunities. If you don’t have additional compensation you don’t need to do anything. You should only enter into Workday professional development that is onsite at your school but is outside of a regular workday and regular work hours.

  • For PD conducted on site at your school before or after hours or on a non-regular work day, select the Professional Development-School Based option from the Time Entry drop down box.
  • For PD being held by the Office of Professional Development, use the current process. The Office of Professional Development initiates additional comp by adding attendance sheets into the system.
  • Any other time you don’t have to do anything in the Time worklet except check in for regular time worked. For example, if attending a conference during regular work hours or a regular work day, enter time as you normally would add Regular Time Worked as normal. Your time type will not change.


The Professional Development transcript remains with Professional Development. If teachers want that detail they can request it from PD directly and will receive it within 1-2 business days.

An In-service is a specific type of Professional Development that is called an “In-Service”. If your event is called an In-Service, select the In-Service option in Workday in order to receive your Supplemental Pay.

This may be a stipend added as a One Time Payment by the Manager but this time will not be entered into Workday. Compensation is working on a process for this.

No, the certifications can be viewed in Workday, but not entered from there. Forward the certification to Licensing@clevelandmetroschools.org.

The ultimate Professional Development transcript will still live with Professional Development. If teachers want that detail they can request it from Professional Development directly and will receive it within 1-2 business days. We can run reports to view the time tracked or earnings.

Professional development will send the attendance data to compensation who will load this data into Workday using one-time payment functionality. This will charge the professional development to the correct budget category and eliminate the timekeepers/ principals from validating/approving any PD conducted outside of their school. The PD code used in the time sheets will reflect "School Based Professional Development".

The time worklet is for tracking pay opportunities. If there is no additional compensation you don’t need to do anything. You should only enter into Workday professional development that is onsite at your school but is outside of a regular workday and regular work hours.

The 90 hours of Professional Development will not be tracked within Workday, it will be tracked through the Office of Professional Development and be paid through the one-time payment process.

Enter the time of the professional development that occurs prior to or after a school day into Workday.

No - open enrollment will occur during the month of November as is typical for the district.

The benefits functionality is still being tested. The accrual days have not yet been loaded into Workday. Benefits testing, including accrual days, will be completed before go live in December. If you notice inaccuracies after Go Live, please report them to your Benefits support person.

No. The calculation within Workday will be slightly different from the benefits summary sheet produced by the AS400 system.

Benefits deductions will now be taken from each paycheck. For 10-month employees this eliminates the “double deductions” that occur. The amount for benefits deductions taken from each paycheck will cover the total of your annual benefits obligation.

Information related to that will be shared during the open enrollment that occurs in 2017. This year’s open enrollment is being handled as it has been in the past.

A standard vacation accrual policy for all employees officially began at the beginning of the current fiscal year - July 1, 2016. Accrued time from July 1, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016 will be added to employee balances as the district moves to Workday at go-live. Vacation will be accrued for all employees on a bi-weekly basis within Workday and that accrued time will be immediately available for use.

Yes - time off entered into the sub system will be sent to Workday for teachers, secretaries, paras, and sub teachers when applicable. On a bi-weekly basis, this time must be validated in Workday and submitted as part of their bi-weekly time sheet.


Workday is a time capture system for payroll. Bi-weekly time submission for exempt employees and paras is not sufficient for point in time attendance. School based attendance must be addressed external to Workday.

Teachers will be required to input supplemental pay, such as class coverages, in-service, etc., in Workday. On a bi-weekly basis, all employees must validate all of their time sheet entries for that two week period and submit their time sheets. Any employee who fails to timely submit the time sheet for the applicable pay period will receive notification to submit and/or correct their time sheet prior to the deadline for submission. If the employee fails to submit or correct the time sheet then the employee will not receive additional compensation if applicable until the week following proper submission of the time sheet.

Teachers will still enter the request through the SmartFind Express system. That information will flow to Workday.

If SmartFind Express is not working, we would attempt to reload data stored in SmartFind Express into Workday. If that is not successful, timekeepers would enter these absences on behalf of the employee.

This is a departmental and union question, not a Workday issue. Please direct this inquiry there. Workday has no impact on this.

No, mandatory worklets are placed at the top. Employee added worklets will be added after the mandatory worklets. An employee can organize those as they wish.

The computers will not be shut down at 6:00 pm. They should be on and available.

You can check in or out on any computer – it does not have to be the same one for both instances. All of the computers are on the CMSD network.

No, the CMSD Intranet is being replaced by Workday Employee Self Service. All WiFi enabled mobile devices can connect to the CMSD intranet with an appropriate username and password. The Workday mobile app can be used on any mobile device once installed on that mobile device. If that mobile device is connected via CMSD WiFi, the connection to Workday will traverse the CMSD network. If that mobile device is not connected to CMSD WiFi, the connection to Workday will traverse whatever network connection is being used - cellular or WiFi. Some Workday functionality, such as check-in check-out, will only work using CMSD WiFi. Other Workday functionality will work using any mobile connection.


Go to the Workday on Mobile page for instructions.

(CTU and the district have been working on Article 20 to the CTU agreement that addresses all touch points with CTU members impacted by the new Human Capital Management and Payroll (HCMP) system. Workday will be the district HCMP system when it goes live in December of 2016. The topics covered in Article 20 include attendance reporting practices, absence reporting practices, attendance record keeping, tardiness / early departure recording, training and ongoing support. When the CTU agreement has been agreed upon and ratified, Article 20 will supersede any building level MOU that is in place today. Building level MOUs will remain in effect for areas that are not covered by the new Article 20 language.

Yes, updated passwords will be passed to Workday.

Only individuals with security permissions are able to view employee personal information in Workday. Personal phone numbers for other employees are not displayed and are visible only to roles in Talent and Payroll. Additionally, employees themselves can still see their own contact information.

Items will remain in the archive forever. The archive tab will show the last 30 days but if you click on the down arrow at the top of the archive and select ‘view more processes’ you can select to view items from a date range to see them farther back.

The payroll system is being thoroughly tested. We will not go live until the payroll system is working as expected. After we go-live, Workday will be the payroll system of record.

Use the Board Business option for Supplemental Pay--this is the new ABSD.

Delegating tasks should be done on a temporary basis. If there is a permanent change of duties, tasks should be reassigned.

Open positions will be posted in Workday and employees can apply using the "Career Worklet” in Workday.

Paper sign-in sheets may still be utilized by your manager alongside Workday time tracking at certain locations. This is at the manager’s discretion.

If mapped to a home wireless printer you are able to print information from Workday to your home printer. The mobile PDF will work the same as it does from a computer. You can save PDF documents like pay slips to your phone from Workday.

Principals can view this information on their team’s Time Off and Leave Calendar. To access it they would go to the ‘My Team’ Worklet and then under the view section, on the right click on ‘Time Off and Leave Calendar’. Information from SmartFind Express should populate on the calendar.

Grievances will not be handled in Workday. It is a separate process and continue to remain as is.

Yes. There is a print icon in the upper right portion of the Workday screen for some functions. A PDF is created and that PDF can be printed.


All information that was public prior to Workday remains public. Employee phone numbers and home addresses are non-public information. The move to Workday has no impact on this.

Board resolutions will be handled outside of Workday.

Workday will use an electronic workflow to route approvals within the system for employee requisitions.

Contracts will not be stored in the electronic employee profile at go live. The capability exists to store electronic data on an employee’s record but we aren’t going to use it right away.

  • All Leave of Absence (LOA) requests must be submitted via Workday along with all required leave documents scanned and uploaded to Workday.
  • All timekeeping will be handled by the Leave of Absence Specialist. No further action is needed in Workday during the length of the leave.
  • If you are a teacher, paraprofessional, or secretary, please use Smart Find Express to request a substitute if needed.
  • All employees on an intermittent leave are responsible for entering their own time either via the Time Off Worklet or SmartFind Express, respectively.
  • At the end of the leave period, all employees on leave must complete a return to work request via Workday.
  • If you have any questions regarding LOA, please contact the Leave of Absence Specialist Samantha.Lumpkin@clevelandmetroschools.org
A requisition, for goods, is created when a user is uncertain of the supplier and the pricing. Requisitions are also used for purchasing against Authorizing Board resolutions, Awarding Board resolutions as well as when purchasing technology.
A purchase order, for goods, is created by a “Buyer” when the supplier and pricing is certain or known. Purchase orders are typically entered by your school secretary or member of your department responsible for purchasing goods.


a) If you are the Buyer for your cost center (school or department) you can create a purchase order by simply entering, “cre pur ord” (short for: create purchase order) in the Workday task/search bar. You can reference the job aid for “Create Purchase Order” for the remaining steps.

See answer to question #1

The approval process in Workday works as a “workflow”. Once the first individual approves your transaction, it moves on to the next approver and so on if needed. Users can see who is up next for approval in the “Process History” of their transactions.

Purchase orders can be rejected or denied for many reasons. A comment is required and should be included when your transaction is rejected or denied.

A change order is needed when the purchase order has been issued to the supplier and the supplier indicates an increase on the total amount of the purchase order. This could be due to a number of reasons and is typically provided by the supplier.
A user may also need a change order when there is a need to add more items to the PO.

No. Only the purchasing department has the ability to print purchase orders.

There are many ways to create a change order in Workday. Please reference the “Create Change Purchase Order” job aid for these steps.

Yes, all transactions in Workday require approval.

Yes, you can edit or make additions to a purchase order prior to it being issued. Once the purchase order is issued, a change order will be required.

See answers to questions #8 and #10 above.

A punchout is a type of supplier catalog where users can purchase goods from a supplier’s website within the Workday system.

a) Yes by creating a change order. Please reference the job aid for “Create Change Purchase Order”.

a) No.

a) Yes, by viewing the purchase order transaction, users can see the received amount/quantity and whether invoices have been applied to the purchase order.

a) No. Only the Purchasing Department can close purchase orders.

a) You can view your purchase orders and requisitions via “My Recent Purchase Orders” worklet or the “My Requisitions” worklet.

a) Yes by "editing" the PO. Please reference the job aid for "Edit Purchase Order".

a) Yes by creating a change order. Please reference the job aid for "Create Change Purchase Order".

a) A supplier contract is used to purchase services from a supplier and a purchase order is used to purchase goods from a supplier that total less than $50,000.

a) Purchase orders and requisitions will be approved by Cost Center Managers and additional approvals based on threshold amounts and funds being used.

Attachments should be added for:

  • All Board Awarding Requisitions
  • All Board Authorizing Requisitions
  • All Requisitions greater than $25,000


a) Yes, the Purchasing Department will continue to issue purchase orders to the suppliers.

a) The purchase order number for direct purchase orders can be seen once your transaction is submitted for approval.
b) Purchase order numbers for requisitions cannot be seen until your requisition is sourced.

a) Use the Find Purchase Order report.

a) Principals can limit the search criteria of the "Find Purchase Order" report to the defined worktags for his/her cost center. Selecting specific search criteria on the "Find Purchase Order" report will narrow the results to a specific cost center.

a) When viewing a purchase order and the “Edit” option is not available, it is typically due to one of two things: the purchase order is closed or the purchase order has already been issued to the supplier. Note: If the purchase order has been issued to the supplier, you will need to a change order to edit the purchase order.

a) When viewing a purchase order and the “Change Order” option is not available, that is due to the fact that the purchase order has not been issued to the supplier.

a) Attachments are required to justify why a purchase order was modified.

a) Requisitions attachments should include any documentation to support the purchase, including but not limited to multiple quotes, revised invoices, supplier communications (emails or letters), bid documents, etc.

a) This process will not change in Workday.

a) Yes.

a) Principals as Cost Center Managers will need to approve any transaction that is charged to their budgets.

a) No

a) No, the Bill To address should always be:
1111 Superior Ave. E Ste. 1800
Cleveland, OH 44114

a) Cost Center Managers can look in their dashboard worklet or run a budget status report.

a) Purchase orders can only be created if there are funds available.
b) Buyers and/or Cost Center Managers can move funds from accounts if funds are available.

a) Funds can be moved between budget lines with a budget amendment. See job aid for budget amendment for proper procedures.

a) Yes, budgets need to be entered on every line, even if the budget automatically fills in.

a) There will be no change to the budgets from the process today. You will have access to other budgets just as you do today.
b) You’ll only need to designate the change in the system.

a) Yes, Cost Center managers will be able to see which funds were used for the purchases.

a) Cost Center managers can work strategically with their Financial Partner to see if there is a way to find funds.

a) Generally, any transaction below $25,000 requires the approval of your Cost Center Manager and any transaction over $25,000, will route through additional approvals.
b) Additional approvals may also be required when using grant funds.

a) Generally, any transaction below $25,000 requires the approval of your Cost Center Manager.
b) Any transaction over $25,000, will route through additional approvals.
c) Additional approvals may also be required when using grant funds.

a) Invoices greater than $25,000 cannot exceed the supplier contract amount.
b) Total invoiced quantity exceeds total supplier contract quantity.
c) Supplier contract must include shipping and handling as a line item for Accounts Payable to process.
d) Receipt is required for invoices greater than 0.

a) When the invoice for contracts reaches Accounts Payable, an e-mail will be sent to notify the buyer to confirm delivery by creating a receipt in Workday.
b) Once a receipt is generated, Accounts Payable will create the invoice against the receipt.

a) All payments in Workday require an invoice be sent to Accounts Payable.
b) Invoices should reference either the purchase order number or contract number and a receipt created by the buyer for goods delivered or services rendered.
c) Invoices without purchase order or contract numbers will be returned to the vendors to research the support for invoice.

a) A three way match for payment is an internal control that:
a.i. Requires a purchase order issued or contract approved prior to order or services.
a.ii. Invoice – Request for Payment Generated by the Supplier per conditions of the Purchase Order and/or contract.
a.iii. Receipt – Documenting that the Goods or Services were delivered to CMSD.
b.i. Invoices with Purchase orders or contract numbers will be returned to the vendors to research support for invoice.

a) Supplier remittance address is selected by the Accounting Department.


a) You can create a Supplier Change. Please reference the job aid, “Create Supplier Change”.

a) Generally, any transaction below $25,000 requires the approval of your Cost Center Manager and any transaction over $25,000, will route through additional approvals.
b) Additional approvals may also be required when using grant funds.

a) Services Obligating and Services Obligating Term Contracts are available for use by CMSD.

a) If a supplier cannot be found in Workday, create a supplier request to add the supplier. Please reference the “Create Supplier Request” job aid.

a) See answer to question #5

a) See answer to question #5

a) A Services Obligating Term Contract is used when the District has issued a "Term Agreement" to the supplier through a solicited RFP or Bid. A
b) Services Obligating Contract is used when a Term Agreement has not been issued and you are purchasing services under a "Vendor Contract".

a) Never. This functionality is not being used by CMSD.

a) Goods may be added to a supplier contract when you are purchasing goods and services from the same supplier.
a.i. Please note: Goods that are added to the Supplier Contract will NOT receive a purchase order.
b) Best Practice is to use a separate Purchase Order/Requisition for goods and a supplier contract for services.

CMSD currently configured 3 suppliers with a punchout catalog. These suppliers were selected based on their ability to host a punchout catalog and the fact that they are all on cooperative contracts.

a) Suppliers with multiple locations will include the location site in the supplier name.

a) No. A supplier must be in Workday in order to purchase goods or services.

a) These types of changes to our suppliers can be done by creating a supplier change. Please reference the “Create Supplier Change” job aid for the steps and requirements.

a) If a supplier is not in Workday, and there is not any other supplier that provides the goods or services you are looking to purchase, you can create a supplier request. Please reference the job aid, “Create Supplier Request” for the steps and requirements on a supplier request.

a) The suppliers currently in Workday are vendors that have done business with the district over the past 3 years and are in good standing in AS400.

a) Yes.

a) No. Goods or services from a supplier must be purchased in the following ways: purchase order, requisition, supplier contract or P-Card.

a) Board Resolutions will still be processed through Board Docs along with a Board Awarding Requisition in Workday.
b) If the spend has been previously authorized by the Board, you will need to create a Board Authorizing Requisition in Workday.
c) "Administrative" and "CEO" resolutions will no longer be required effective July 1, 2017.

a) Board Resolutions (approval of the Board) are required for the purchase of:
a.i. real estate in any amount,
a.ii. title property (e.g. vehicles, buses and modular classrooms) in any amount,
a.iii. sole source purchases in any amount,
a.iv. urgent necessity purchase in any amount, and
a.v. goods, software licenses, and materials that are greater than $50,000.

a) "A" and "C" resolutions will no longer be required effective July 1, 2017.

a) If you receive an error, simply click on the error and the message will tell you specifically what field your error is regarding and you can make the necessary changes.

a) Technology purchases will be done via a requisition in Workday.

a) Yes. Your technology purchases will still need to be sent to the Woodland Data Center for asset tagging and processing.

a) In lieu of the Direct Pay Form, users can submit an expense report for any out of pocket expense that is $250 or less. For suppliers, please submit a purchase order, requisition, and supplier contract or use your P-Card.

a) Yes. This process remains the same.

a) A Job Aide has been created for P-Card holders to describe how to verify the expenses made with their card. A file directly from Mastercard will be loaded two – three times a week into Workday that will include all charges made since the last load.

a) Users can submit an expense report based on their mileage traveled up to $250/expense report. Any expense report exceeding $250, will require a spend authorization.

a) There is a P-Card verification process that is explained in a Job Aide.
b) P-Card users must verify their own expenses; this function is not up for delegation.

a) All P-Card transaction requires receipts.
b) Currently; per the District P-Card guidelines, if a receipt is lost then the card holder must reimburse the District the cost of the charge.

a) Any employee that will be traveling for district purposes must fill out a spend authorization form.
b) Once the form is submitted it will go to the cost center manager/supervisor for approval.
c) If an employee is using Uniglobe for hotel or airline flights, they must complete a separate purchase order to that vendor.
d) These steps have been detailed in a job aide that any user can review.

a. Procurement users need: My Requisitions, My Recent Purchase Orders, Purchases, and Dashboard (with applicable reports by the end user).

a. Yes it does.

a. Yes. One inbox for one Workday.

a. Any open Purchase Order as of 6/30/17 will be loaded into Workday roughly a week after we go live.
b. These Purchase Orders will maintain the current purchase order number that is in the AS/400.
c. If the purchase order was received in the AS400 system but not paid, the Purchase order will need to be re-received in Workday.

a. All active suppliers from the AS400 will be brought over to Workday. See question 1 above about open purchase orders.

a. Training will occur during June, July and early August 2017.

a. No. Onbase will be available as a records archive.

a. Procurement Delegation will work the same way as HR and Payroll Delegation.

a. Access to procurement is assigned by roles and your job position with the district.

a. Yes. Workday is a web based system accessible via internet access. If you have an internet connection in your home, you should be able to access Workday.

a. No, you can find your transaction numbers within your procurement worklets.