• CMSD Department of Research and Evaluation

    Our Purpose 

    The RRC reviews and tracks all research efforts in the District to ensure that:

    1. the research is aligned with District goals;
    2. research is not duplicative or unnecessarily burdensome to students or school personnel;
    3. all required procedures are followed when conducting research with human subjects in school settings; and
    4. research projects do not overlap in ways that make it difficult to interpret the findings.


    Our definition of “research”

    The RRC defines research very broadly. You must submit a proposal to the RRC if you propose to:

    1. conduct analyses of administrative data that is not already publicly available;
    2. collect any information from students, parents, teachers, or administrators;
    3. conduct or record observations in a classroom, school, or after-school setting; and/or
    4. recruit students, parents, or school personnel to participate in research-related activities.

    This includes (but is not limited to) all observations, interviews, focus groups, and surveys. If you have any questions, please email ResearchEvaluation@ClevelandMetroSchools.org.