• CMSD Department of Research and Evaluation
  • Support & Services


    R&E will review research literature and prepare a summary of our findings to save you time.

    If you are contemplating a problem or practice or considering a new approach, R&E will:

    • provide advice, technical assistance, guidance, and expertise in research design ad data analysis to guide your decision-making process.

    Research Partnerships

    If you are considering a partnership with a university or external researchers, R&E will:

    • facilitate conversations.
    • ensure alignment.
    • help find grants and partners.

    If a researcher with a project approaches you, R&E will:

    • vet requests.
    • review proposals.
    • ensure best practices



    Program Report Cards

    R&E will sort through program data and assign an easy-to-understand grade or rating on its effectiveness.

    If you are confident you found a program, product, or initiative that fits your needs, R&E will:

    • research the evidence and outcomes from other districts to help your leadership team choose interventions that are supported by the evidence, not by sales pitches.
    • provide outcome analysis.
    • Plan a school-based evaluation.
    • Create an implementation strategy to monitor the life of the product


    Vendor or supplier meeting

    Invite R&E to your meeting for technical assistance.