• 42nd Street

    The Production

    42nd Street
    West End, UK 2017


    DOROTHY BROCK An established Broadway star. Dorothy is balancing a boyfriend and a “sugar daddy.” Her diva-like behavior hides a rising concern that her spotlight may be dimming with age.

    PEGGY SAWYER Young, talented and hopeful, Peggy has arrived in New York City from Allentown, Pennsylvania seeking to break into show-business on Broadway.

    MAGGIE JONES Co-author of the musical Pretty Lady, with Bert. Smart and witty, Maggie is a veteran in the business. She offers the naive Peggy some advice.

    BERT BARRY Co-author of the musical Pretty Lady, with Maggie. In addition to writing the songs, Bert and Maggie portray the “character roles” in Pretty Lady.

    ANN REILLY (ANYTIME ANNIE) A chorus girl with a supporting role in Pretty Lady, Annie knows the ropes and recognizes talent in Peggy.

    JULIAN MARSH The archetypal Broadway director/producer who is driven, powerful and desperate for a big hit show after the Great Depression has hurt business.

    BILLY LAWLOR The dashing, young male lead in Pretty Lady, who maneuvers Peggy into contention as a chorus girl in the show.

    ANDY LEE The dance director, charged with auditioning and rehearsing the chorus line.

    PAT DENNING Dorothy’s former vaudeville partner and actual love interest. Pat and Dorothy hide their relationship, although Pat’s not happy about it, especially when it gets him into trouble with Julian Marsh.

    ABNER DILLON The “angel” for Pretty Lady, Abner is from Oklahoma and doesn’t know much about show business. He’s financing the musical since Dorothy is the star, and likes to throw his weight around alongside his money.

    PHYLLIS DALE A chorus girl.

    LORRAINE FLEMMING A chorus girl.

    GLADYS Another chorus girl.




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