• The Non-Traditional Education Office (NEO)

    The Non-Traditional Education Office (NEO) is intended to support students who have voluntarily or involuntarily found their way to receive instructional support outside a traditional “brick and mortar” school building. The office monitors and supports programs that provide instruction to students inside various facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Christian Home, Applewood, and the Detention Center. In addition, programs such as Home School, a Virtual Academy, and Graduation Alliance for students over 22 are supported for students and families who wish to take control of their own learning path.

    Enrollment Specialist The office provides academic planning support with an Enrollment Specialist to review transcripts and identify the best path towards graduation. A resource specialist to assist with overcoming barriers that sometimes impede progress and to provide support that helps students think past high school. The office has general and special education support for students who need assistance with their online curriculum. Students are able to participate in activities, sports, and commencement at their original home school with. High school students receive a diploma from the high school they are assigned to normally.

    counselor Students are required to meet all State graduation requirements and also take Ohio State Exams and National College Readiness Assessments such as the SAT and ACT. We believe in the 3 E’s as a goal for every student, Enrolled, Employed, or Enlisted.

    For more information, please contact Gerard Leslie, Executive Director at 216-534-8267 or email Gerard.leslie@clevelandmetroschools.org.