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    Social Emotional Wellness Resources


    CASEL CARES is a new initiative that connects the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) community with experts to address how SEL can be most helpful for families in response to today’s circumstances.


    First Aid for Feelings: A Workbook to Help Kids Cope During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Denise Daniels, a leading child development expert, has teamed up with Scholastic and the Yale Child Study Center to help children, families, and educators cope during this pandemic. First Aid for Feelings: A Workbook to Help Kids Cope During the Coronavirus Pandemic is a free 16-page downloadable workbook available in English, Spanish, and French.


    Emergency Support

    This is a very trying time for parents/caregivers and their families.  If you or anyone in your household needs emotional support, there are resources that you can access for immediate assistance. - Text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the United States, anytime, about any type of crisis. A live, trained Crisis Counselor receives the text and responds, all from our secure online platform. The volunteer Crisis Counselor will help you move from a hot moment to a cool moment.

    Frontline Mobile Crisis, Cuyahoga County - Provides 24/7 mental health crisis and suicide prevention assistance.  Call 216.623.6888 to speak directly to a crisis counselor to get your needs met and referrals for other supportive services.


    Social Emotional Wellness for Students at Home - Videos

    The Bug Board


    Learn how to use the Bug Board lesson to have a conversation about what bugs you (what gets on your nerves) and how you bug someone else (how you get on their nerves) in to order to help get along better at home.

    Grade level: K-3, but good for everyone.
    Running time: 3:20

    Simple way to deal with stress

    Breathing technique to destress and calm down
    Grade level: Elementary Level 
    Running time: 3:20

    Guess Who Said It


    This is a three minute game on Relationship Building. Using pen, paper and a container for all players, pick a topic, (i.e; compliments, kind words, concern, etc.)  Each player will write a note and drop it in the other player's containers.  Everyone will then gather around with their container and pull the notes out one by one and try to "guess who said it".  It is a great way to build relationships.

    Grade level: K-12
    Running time: 2:58
    Three Brain Breaks

    Demonstrating three brain breaks: (1) Deep breathing, (2) Thumbs up - Pinky out, and (3) Up & Down/Back & Forth. Category . People & Blogs

    Running time: 4:18

    Know You with Dr. J


    Grade level: K-8
    Running time: 3:59
    Couragous Conversations about Coronavirus and School Safety

    Coronavirus and School Safety Virtual Panel

     Running time: 57:47

    CTAG In This Together: Maintaining Healthy Relationships

    This video will remind CTAG families that the skills used to build and maintain healthy relationships are learned. Three reflection questions are provided to guide the audience to examine their experience with building healthy relationships. Ultimately, reminding our caregivers that youth are watching and learning behaviors. Caregivers play such a vital role in educating our scholars.

     Running time: 2:01

    Creating a Gratitude Jar to Support Coping Skills

    Setting your thoughts down on paper for what you are grateful for during the week and then reviewing is a great way to overcome doubt and unease. We still have so much to be thankful for!

    Grade Level: Elementary Students

    Running time: 3:22

    Reflection Journals

    Grade Level: Elementary Students

    Running time: 1:41


    Virtual Social Emotional Wellness Resources for Parents/Caregivers

    These times are very difficult as we seek to support children at home with academic enrichment, maintain social distancing, work and try to maintain structure in our homes.  Parents/caregivers must take care of themselves and be aware of how they are feeling.  CMSD is working with Dr. Laura Purnell, Wellness coach and former CMSD educator/superintendent.  She is conducting wellness sessions to help parents/caregivers cope with their emotions as well so you can create a supportive home for children. View a pre-recorded session below.