• Remote Learning



    In a Remote Learning environment this fall, students will attend school and be counted as “present” for attendance in two different ways:

    Synchronous Attendance

    (Think of “classroom”) Students are counted as “present” when they log on and attend “live” instruction provided online by their teacher.

    Asynchronous Attendance

    (Think of “homework”) Students are counted as “present” when they have logged in and viewed a recording of the teacher’s live instruction, completed class assignments, participated in projects independently and completed other activities assigned by the teacher during the school day.


    The school day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. with live, teacher-led instruction starting at 8:30 a.m. every day but Wednesday.

    • On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, teachers will begin the school day with live online instruction that includes guiding students through independent work at other times of the day when the teacher is not participating live – and on Wednesdays.
    • On Wednesdays, students will log in to the Learning Management System (LMS) and work independently, as assigned by their teacher(s).

    CMSD’s Remote Learning strategy takes into consideration the flexibility many students and families need to enable students to fully participate in school and to be counted as “present” when they do.


    Synchronous Attendance

    Live lessons with teachers leading the online instruction

    Monday & Tuesday    Thursday & Friday

    • Students will attend school online, with live instruction delivered by their teacher every weekday but Wednesday, when students will independently engage in their subject - and grade-level assignments posted on the Learning Management System (LMS).
    • Students will be counted as on time and “present” when they log in to the LMS at 8:30 a.m. for live instruction with their teachers four days a week.

    Reporting Synchronous Attendance

    • Students who are unable to attend the live session can still be marked as “present” if they log on later to a recording of the lesson. In that event, the parent or caregiver should report the student’s absence from live instruction and let the teacher know the student plans to log in and attend a recording of the lesson.
    • When a student views a recording of the live instruction, and participates in the assignments and activities directed by his or her teacher during the school day, the student will be marked by his teacher as “present.”

    Asynchronous Attendance

    Lessons and activities completed without teacher-led Instruction

    Asynchronous Learning through the Learning Management System (LMS)

    Throughout the week, and all day on Wednesdays, students will engage in some learning without the presence of a live teacher. At those times, online learning platforms like Seesaw, Schoology, Study Island, Google and other sites, guide students through independent completion of assigned work and activities online.

    Reporting Asynchronous Attendance

    Asynchronous Attendance will be monitored and documented by teachers using a variety of means to demonstrate the student’s participation:

    • A student’s login and participation data when accessing a recorded lesson
    • Student-led recorded sessions or independent learning based on teacher’s instructions
    • Scheduled lessons or meetings in the LMS
    • Offline communication with the teacher via email, phone, conference calls, video chats and text messaging
    • LMS login and other data showing the students’ attempts and progress toward completing assignments
    • Smartphone photos from parents showing a child engaged in the activity
    • On Wednesdays, high school students are not required to log in. They are required only to follow their teacher’s instruction for assignment completion on Wednesday to count as present.


    Parents’ Responsibilities

    Maintain strong communication with your child’s school:

    • Update your contact information with an email address and reliable phone numbers.
    • Continue to call students off at the school’s main phone line when your child will be absent from remote learning for the day.
    • Communicate with teachers when your child is struggling with online lessons.
    • Communicate with teachers when your child is unable to attend the live lesson but will attend the recorded session.
    • Let the teacher or a school team member know if you experience difficulties that prevent your child from logging into school.
    • Refer to the Frequently Called Numbers to obtain the support you need with your devices, with access to the Internet or to the LMS with a number of academic, social and emotional supports available.

    Review this guidance document with your child:

    • Create a routine schedule during school hours to make it easier for your child to learn and study.
    • Go over the schedule to ensure your child is comfortable knowing he or she will be led by the teacher during some of the school day and school week, and remote learners will be working independently at other times.
    • Explain to your children that both Synchronous and Asynchronous learning count toward their attendance.
    • If your child is unable to participate in Synchronous or Asynchronous Learning on any day or portion of the school week, contact the teacher to report the absence and the reason for the absence.
    • For assistance with logging into the LMS, with your device or Internet access, contact our technology support team at 216.838.0440.


    Family Supports

    COVID-19 Health Hotline 216.838.WELL(9355)
    Rapid Response Hotline for Social & Emotional supports 216.838.2273
    IT Computer support 216.838.0440
    School Choice & Enrollment 216.838.3675
    Family & Community Engagement 216.838.3223
    Multicultural Multilingual support 216.838.0140
    Special Education Office 216.838.7733
    Project ACT Foster & Homeless support 216.838.0210
    All other District supports 216.838.0000

    Community Resources:

    Social Services (food, health, housing, basic needs) 

    24 Hour Suicide Hotline 

    Domestic Violence Hotline 

    Ohio Mental Health Crisis Hotline


    Dial 211



    4HOPE to 741741


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