• The Core Planning Team

    The Planning Team comprised school leaders, teachers, CMSD parents and community leaders representing key partners in the higher education, business, government, faith-based and philanthropic community, who formed and organized the parameters, resources and timeline for CMSD’s Transition to Hybrid Learning.


    Reopening Plan Co-Leads

    Christine Fowler-Mack, Chief Portfolio Officer
    Lisa Farmer Cole, Chief of Schools
    Valentina Moxon, Chief Academic Officer



    Reopening Plan Core Team Members

  • Roseann Canfora, Deputy Chief, Communications
    Diana Ehlert, Deputy Chief, Academic Resources
    Erin Frew, Network Support Leader
    Eric Gordon, Chief Executive Officer
    Dennis Hill, Chief, Safety & Security
    Tracy Hill, Executive Director of Family & Community Engagement
    Michael Houser, Policy & Labor Liaison
    Michelle Kirkwood Hughes, High School Principal
    Trent Mosley, Chief Engagement Officer
    Ann Mullin, Parent
    Elizabeth Nelson Creel, Executive Director, Curriculum
    Shari Obrenski, Teacher, CTU President
    Tom Ott, Director, CMSD News Bureau
    Kevin Payton, Principal, CCAS President
    Tracy Radich, Teacher, K-8 Upper (Grade 4-5)
    Derek Richey, Chief Financial Officer
    Gary Sautter, Deputy Chief, Capital Projects
    Marcy Shankman, Leadership Coach & Strategist
    Melissa Skelly, Executive Director of Policy and Planning
    Josh Terchek, Director, Research & Development
    Karen Thompson, Chief of Staff
    Curtis Timmons, Chief, Information Technology
    Lori Ward, Chief Talent & Equity Officer
    Patrick Zohn, Chief Operations Officer
  • "It will take all of us working together to ensure our staff and students are eager and ready to begin the new school year in learning environments that are safe and fully equipped with the supports they need for success."