• District-wide Health Consent Form

    The new district-wide health consent form does three important things:

    1. It captures basic health information about the scholar.
    2. It gives the school permission to share information about the scholar and their health with specific local health care providers (the list is online here).
    1. It gives the external health care providers who are covered on the form (the list is online here) permission to deliver any of the services that are NOT crossed out/denied on the form.  

    The benefits of this form for scholars and families include:

    • Saves parents/caregivers time when scholars need health care at school by reducing the paperwork they need to complete. When they get a call that their scholar needs services, they can decide what to do and the school can connect their child to care faster.
    • The form follows the scholar throughout CMSD and over time, so families don’t have to fill it out repeatedly.
    • Many trusted local health care providers have agreed to use this form, so scholars have access to more options when they need care fast.
  • Health Consent Form - English
  • Health Consent Form - Spanish
  • Health Consent Form - Swahili
  • Health Consent Form - Nepali
  • Health Consent Form - Pashto
  • Health Consent Form - Arabic