• Integrated Health School Criteria

    The district has identified seven criteria that schools need to meet to be designated as “Integrated Health School.” The criteria are listed below. Schools will receive ongoing support to help meet these criteria over the next school year.

    7 criteria to be designated an Integrated Health school:

    1. Have a signed health consent form on file for at least 30% of enrolled scholars.
    2. Have a School-Based Health Team that includes the health professional, Say Yes Family Support Specialist, school psychologist, and school counselor (where relevant) that meets weekly (in-person or virtually) to review cases and ensure ongoing communication and collaboration.
    3. Have a written marketing plan for promoting integrated health services and the health consent form to scholars and families, including the use of the school website, social media channels, e-newsletters, and family engagement events.
    4. Have a written School-Based Health Guide on site for all SBH Team Members that is maintained by the health professional in the school. The guide should outline all health-related workflows and roles (including the process for verifying that consent is on file and making external referrals).
    5. Have dedicated physical space for health service delivery. This space can include a private room or partitioned room within a school building as well as space on the lot to accommodate a mobile health unit.
    6. Have a relationship with at least 2 external health care providers (mental, physical, dental, vision) that are available to serve the school’s scholars in-person or via telehealth during school hours.
    7. Be able to provide scholars with access to health care within 48 hrs of a referral for service. This includes health care delivered by school personnel as well as my external provider partners. Services can be delivered in person or via telehealth. Referrals can be made by anyone, including family members and educators.