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    JFK Site

    The abatement and demolition of the former JFK High School building and Rec Center were completed in late April 2024 and the site will be graded and seeded with grass in May 2024.

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    For immediate questions or concerns, call the Site Supervisor at 440.728.1838


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    JFK Demolition Fact Sheet

    Q: What is the truck traffic route during demolition activity?

    A: Trucks will head north toward Harvard Avenue, turn left onto Harvard Avenue (towards Lee Road), take Lee Road to Interstate 480.

    Q: What are the hours of operation for the project?

    A: Hours of construction will be 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. All contractors will comply with local noise ordinances.

    Q: How many trucks will be traveling to/from the site on a daily basis?

    A: Approximately 10 to 15 trucks will be traveling to/from the site on a daily basis?

    Q: What is the protocol for dust suppression?

    A: Water will be sprayed onto the building during demolition to eliminate dust. Any dust and debris tracked onto the road will be cleaned and swept as needed. The demolition company will comply with all local and state laws and regulations as it relates to demolition and dust suppression practices.

    Q: What are the safety guidelines for hazardous materials abatement?

    A: The abatement contractors are required to comply with EPA guidelines for the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing material and universal waste. The abatement consultant will be onsite daily to monitor and insure proper abatement removal and disposal. Entry into the building or containment areas is strictly prohibited by non-certified individuals. The abatement contractor will utilize enclosed dumpsters during the transportation of asbestos-containing materials.

    Q: What materials have been found in the building?

    A: The known materials are based on the abatement consultant’s reports outlined in the project documents: HVAC duct, heat exchanger, insulation, acoustical ceiling system, gypsum board, fire doors, window assemblies, sink undercoatings, fluorescent lamps and ballasts, switch devices, batteries, roof top unit, drinking fountain, refrigerators, dryer and recovery coolant from chiller unit.

    Q: What is the 24/7 emergency number residents can call?
    A: Call Adam Parker Project Manager with REDCON LLC - 440-728-1838. For alternative language translation services email adam@redconllcon.com.


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