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Thirteen of the District’s K-8 schools have been redesigned with three new models of teaching and learning to transform school culture, modernize education and prepare students to succeed in high school and beyond. In addition, the District has opened William Rainey Harper School, which has adopted one of the three instructional strategies while also following the International Baccalaureate model of education. This initiative is part of The Cleveland Plan’s promise to transform public education and grow the number of excellent schools in Cleveland.

The three new teaching and learning models include:
Inquiry-based learning
Inquiry-based learning: Students explore content by posing, investigating and answering questions. They are then able to present their findings in a credible and persuasive manner (Anton Grdina, Case, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fullerton, H. Barbara Booker, Mound, Oliver H. Perry, Sunbeam and William Rainey Harper)
Youth leadership development
Youth leadership development: Students are prepared to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through activities and experiences that develop social, ethical, emotional, physical and cognitive competencies. Teachers and students measure and track progress toward self-identified student achievement goals and schoolwide goal achievement. (Alfred A. Benesch, Robert H. Jamison and Waverly)
Personalized learning programs
Personalized learning using technology: This involves flexible, self-directed learning where teachers use project-based or competency-based learning paths to boost student achievement (Charles W. Eliot, Luis Munoz Marin)

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Step Up to Quality 5-star rated schools

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