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    Fall To Do's:
    • Update welcome message on Family Connection and configure your preferences and site settings.
    • Make sure your eDocs account is activated by clicking the 'Activate Now' button on your homepage and following the brief instructions.
    • Have students create Common App accounts at www.commonapp.org and link their accounts with Naviance eDocs.
    • Make sure your teachers have accounts in Naviance.  (Particularly those who are likely to write college rec letters for students.)
    • Check out the tasks assigned to each grade level and start planning how to get students to complete their tasks.
    • Get your students on PrepMe for PSAT and ACT!
    • Sign up for an eDocs training webinar (dates throug August): http://go.naviance.com/eDocs-Webinars


    Naviance eDocs for the 2014/15 application season

    The following information is provided by Naviance for schools and districts that have purchased Naviance eDocs.  Please visit the Naviance Network in your Naviance account for more information (click on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of your Naviance homepage and select "Browse Help Articles").

    Naviance eDocs is now available to schools for the 2014/15school year. School staff can begin using Naviance eDocs for form preparationto Common Application institutions. We are estimating that submission tonon-Common App destinations will be available by the end of this week. We areworking to make submission to all Naviance eDocs destinations available as soonas possible. Please check back here for progress updates later this week.

    Below are some important updates to Naviance eDocs for the2014/2015 school year.

    What's New This Year?

    We look forward to introducing improvements to the workflowof Naviance eDocs this year based on feedback from our users. Theseenhancements include:

      •Easier Activation

     •More IntuitiveNavigation

     •Better DestinationManagement

     •Improved Common AppMatching

     Additionally, thisfall we will introduce multiple transcript upload which will bring greaterefficiency to the college application and document submission process usingNaviance eDocs. We also look forward to introducing an improved process forNCAA document submission.

    If you used Naviance eDocs last year, you no longer need toconfigure or maintain a print driver. In addition, there is no need to renewyour registration with Parchment. Activating Naviance eDocs will enable you todeliver supporting application documents to thousands of higher educationdestinations, including all Parchment Receive destinations and every CommonApplication member institution.


    How can my school get started with Naviance eDocs this year?

    Training resources are now available. To get started, youcan:

      •Access free video-based tutorials in theGetting Started with Naviance eDocs Help Library article

     •Sign up for a freelive webinar about what’s new with Naviance eDocs

     •Explore additionaltraining options including fee-based instructor-led courses from the NavianceeDocs Resource Center


    How can I stay informed about Naviance eDocs?

     It's our priority toensure that you are informed of important updates to Naviance eDocs, includingwhen form submission is available. To receive announcements about NavianceeDocs, we invite you to update your preferred e-mail address. This post will alsoprovide up-to-date information. To subscribe to the post, select Options >Subscribe in the upper right corner of the page.

     We are working toensure a smooth and reliable experience for users this application season, andlook forward to serving your needs and the needs of your students and families.



     If you have additional questions, please call 1.866.337.0080 or send an email tosupport@naviance.com and we’ll make sure your questions are answered.