• Definitions

    Architect Individual or firm responsible for providing professional design for buildings and advice on their construction.
    A/E Abbreviation for architect and engineer.
    Construction Schedule Individual or firm responsible for providing administration, management, and related services as required, scheduling the project and coordinating the contractors. OHGR is the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s designated construction manager.
    Contract A formal or legally binding agreement setting out terms of services. A contract between a contractor and the school district board, on behalf of the state, for performance of work on a project as called for in the document we call a contract.
    Contract Completion The date upon which all work is 100 percent complete, final inspections by the District and State have been made and any deficiencies noted in the punch list have been corrected. The contractors have complied with all contract conditions.
    Contract Documents Collectively, the drawings, specifications, addenda, notice to bidders, instructions to bidders, definitions, bid form, contract and attachments, bond, bulletins, shop drawings, pricing guidelines and standard conditions of the contract.
    Contractor A company or individual with a formal contract to do a specific job (or jobs), by supplying labor and materials for the school district board. The performance of this work in the project may require cooperation with other contractors and persons in accordance with the contract documents.
    Core Team A group of school based individuals representing the large community who provide input into the design of the school. In addition, the core team provides output by reporting to the larger school and neighborhood community regarding actual design and construction.
    Design Manual The Ohio Schools Facilities Commission (OSFC) design manual was developed for a typical educational program for various types and sizes of schools and a level of quality which will serve the school district, and the state of Ohio, for a long time period. The educational program establishes the area or number of square feet required for each student. The quality level establishes the cost per square foot of a school building and establishes a level of equity for all school districts across the state. Architects are required to follow the design manual. Compliance with the manual is required for the District to receive State-matching funds.
    Design Schedule Schedule of Architect/Engineer services showing start and completion of the following milestone events; Program of Requirements, schematic design, design documents, construction documents, and Bid Document development.
    Drawings The graphic and pictorial portions of the contract documents, prepared by the Architect/Engineer, showing the design, type of construction, location, dimension and character of the work to be provided by the contractor. Types of drawings generally include the plans showing how the exterior of the building will appear, what classrooms will look like and an overall drawing to show how the building will fit on the site.
    Guarantee Legally enforceable assurance for a specified period of time from contract completion. This is a formal promise that a product will be repaired free of charge if it breaks or fails within a stated period, or that substandard work will be redone.
    Locally Funded Initiative (LFI) Programs and/or work that are not funded by the Ohio School Facilities Commission. Consequently these programs are funded 100% by the District. Examples would include sports stadiums, baseball fields, and land purchases.
    Material Supplier A person or entity that furnishes materials or supplies for work on a project.
    Neighborhood Schools The initiative to have students attend the school nearest to their home.
    Owner’s Representative This is a contracted service, which represents the District’s interest in all phases of planning, design and construction for the project. The owner’s representative provides qualified personnel to supplement District Facilities personnel in the implementation of the project.
    Project Administrator Designated representative of the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission who is assigned to administer the project for the State of Ohio. The Project Administrator will consult with the architects, construction manager, and school district board on all phases of the project.
    Program of Requirements (POR) An Ohio School Facilities Commission required document submittal for each renovated and replacement building. The POR provides a detailed description of the number of classrooms, size of rooms, and academic programs that have been established by the District for each building.
    Proposals Requests from the District primarily for design professionals to provide suggestions or intentions on how to complete the specified work required by the District. Requests for proposals (RFP’s) are advertised in newspapers under public notices.
    Punch List A list of work items that the contractor is required to complete or correct as a condition precedent to contract completion.
    Subcontractor A person or company who is hired by a contractor, (which has a contract with the District) to assist the contractor with the defined contract work. The subcontractor has no direct contractual relationship with the District.
    Swing Space Space that is available for students and staff while their school building is being renovated or built. Swing space can be another school building or space within an existing building.
    Warranty Legally enforceable assurance that guarantees that purchased goods are of the quality represented and will be replaced or repaired if found defective.
    Warm Safe and Dry WSD is part of Segment One of the Facilities Plan. WSD focuses on ensuring that District buildings are warm, safe, and dry.