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    Cleveland Education Compact

    Cleveland Education Compact

    Reading Time CMSD recognizes the importance of district-charter collaboration in significantly increasing access to quality school options for all students. The District, in collaboration with the Breakthrough Schools and the Cleveland Foundation, was recently awarded a $100,000 planning grant from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers to create a District/Charter Compact, which offers the opportunity to further develop relationships between the district and the more than seventy charter schools in the city of Cleveland.

    CMSD is hoping to maximize the number of charter schools participating in the Cleveland Education Compact. All it takes to join the Compact is a willingness for charter schools and the district to work collaboratively on identified areas of need that are aligned to The Cleveland Plan.
    To learn more about other Gates Compact cities, check out the District/Charter Collaboration Compact report published by the Center for Reinventing Public Education in June 2013.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Compact, contact Matt Rado, Executive Director of Charter Schools for CMSD, at Matthew.Rado@ClevelandMetroSchools.org or 216-496-7976.