• Safety and Security provides services that promote a safe academic environment.


    Division of Safety and Security meets the needs of the community as it promotes the educational development of Cleveland’s children through the following programs:

    Mobile Patrol Units. This is an outreach program that extends the visibility of Safety and Security into the community. Increased visibility will reduce incidents in and around school grounds, provide rapid response to schools and support school officers.
    Safety Tips for Walkers. Whether children walk to school or to the bus stop, they should know these rules to stay safe. Read them together.

    • Leave home with just enough time to get to school. It is not safe to arrive too early.
    • Walk in groups of two or three children if possible.
    • Be alert. Know what is around you as you walk to school or the bus stop.
    • Don’t stop to talk to strangers.
    • Don’t walk through or near empty lots.
    • Never go into empty or abandoned buildings. Cross the street to keep from walking past them.
    • Never go near a car if you are asked for directions. Stand several feet away.
    • Never get into a car with anyone unless your parent has told you to.
    • If a walking route evaluation is needed, contact Safety and Security at (216) 771-SAFE (7233).

    Be smart! Be safe! Know the location of safe houses, libraries and fire stations. These are places to go if you feel unsafe.
    For further information, call (216) 771- SAFE (7233).