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    Delegation (business process) An action in a business process you can take if they have been assigned a task. You can request the task be delegated. Requesting a delegation change is a business process that may require approvals and may or may not be included in your organization's configuration.
    Home Your default page containing worklets, search, and your profile icon main menu.
    Initiator The user that initiates the business process instance.
    Reassign Task (business process) An action you can take on a business process where you can request for a task to be reassigned. This may require further approvals.
    Task An action you must take in a business process, unless you reassign or delegate the task.
    Ex. Notifcations or Inbox alerts are triggered by steps in a business process.
    To-Dos Reminders to do something outside of the Workday system. They can be part of business processes, and have to be marked complete before the workflow will go to the next step.
    Worklet A compact report displayed as an “app” on your Home page, providing easy access to tasks and information you use on a regular basis.
    Ex. Worklets include Pay, Personal Information, Benefits, and Time Off.
    Worktag Keywords assigned to transactions and supporting data to make their business purposes clear and establish common relationships through classification. You can find information easier, filter searches down to focused results, and analyze information in aggregated and summarized reporting by business dimension.
    Apps A combination of dashboards and worklets. You can take actions, view analytics and custom reports all within configured and pre configured apps.