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    Procurement The act of gaining goods or services from an external source. Procure-to-pay functionality within Workday includes: Spend for goods, services, contingent workers, and project-based services. Manage supplier contracts, requisitions, purchase and change orders, receipts, goods and services sourcing, and request for quotes. Maintain purchase items, catalogs, supplier links, and a supplier portal. Configure requisition access to spend categories, catalogs, and supplier links. Track and analyze time, activity, and spend. Create receipt accruals for approved, un-invoiced receipts.
    Goods Tracks spend for physical objects, which can be expensed, capitalized, or issued to a worker.
    Ex. Include office supplies, IT hardware and software, etc. Purchase orders for goods will display information related to a purchase item, including item description, unit of measurement, and unit price.
    Services Services procurement track spending for services that are cost-based and not based on quantity.

    Ex. include:
    - Maintenance
    - Warranty services
    Search Catalogue A catalog of available goods, as well as supplier catalog items. Organization's catalogs will vary.
    Requisition Request to purchase goods, services, and contingent labor. To request contingent worker services, use job requisitions.
    Ad Hoc Requisition Request a non-standard good not found in the catalog. If you do not know all of the details, the buyer can fill them in later when processing the requisition.
    Purchase Order Commercial document and official offer from the buyer to seller. In Workday, you create or edit purchase orders before issuing them to suppliers. Purchase orders based on requisitions can be automatically created.
    Spend Authorization A budget of expenditures you plan to make for a future purpose. Your organization may require you to obtain pre-approval for anticipated expenditures before entering actual expenses in Workday. Spend authorizations act as a cost control or expense policy compliance tool. The process of creating a spend authorization is initiated by the worker, not the manager. Managers take actions on spend authorizations after they are submitted for approval.
    Expense Reports The output of money from an individual or group to pay for an item or services. You can create your own expense reports. You can also create them on behalf of other workers when delegated, or if you have security access to the Create Expense Report for Worker task.