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  • Employee - Human Capital Management (HCM) Terminology

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    Benefit Event An event that gives you the opportunity to change your benefit elections. These include staffing changes (such as getting hired or promoted) and life events (such as getting hired or promoted) and life events (such as getting married or having a child.)
    Business Process A business process in Workday are tasks that you can initiate, act upon, and complete in order to accomplish a desired business objective. Business processes are created using a combination of Actions, Approvals, Approval Chains, To Dos, and/or Checklists. An Action can be a single task or sub process, which is also a combination of Actions, To Dos, and/or Checklists. Within the process, conditions can be defined which will identify whether a step will be initiated. Notifications can also be created to let a Workday user know that a step has begun, completed, or that a particular review response was selected.
    Ex. Business Process includes Hire, Change Job, Request Compensation Change, Terminate Employee etc.
    Full Time Equivalent (FTE) % The ratio of a worker's scheduled weekly hours to the weekly hours for the business site. If a worker works 20 hours a week and the business site weekly hours are 40, then the worker's FTE% is 50%.
    Reassign Task (business process) An action you can take on a business process where you can request for a task to be reassigned. This may require further approvals.
    Functional Area A functional area is a group of tasks, reports, and objects. Ex. The HCM solution includes functional areas such as Benefits, Talent & Performance, Absence and Manager/Employee self-service. Each of Workday's solutions (like HCM and Financials) is grouped into distinct functional areas.
    I-9 An employment eligibility verification. A document all workers must complete to verify the identity and employment authorization of each employee.
    Life Event A benefit event that occurs in the your personal life, such as getting married or having a child.
    Open Enrollment Event A type of enrollment event. This event controls the benefits open enrollment process. Unlike benefit event enrollment, which is triggered by a life event or job change, an open enrollment event applies to an entire employee population.
    Org Chart A visual depiction of how an organization is structured. It outlines the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between individuals within an organization.
    Performance Review Process A process where an you receive formal feedback on your performance during a given period of time. This process includes a performance evaluation.
    Staffing Event Any event that changes your position or job, such as a hire, transfer, or promotion. Staffing events usually trigger an opportunity to edit/modify benefit elections.
    W-4 Your withholding allowance certificate. This will inform an employer of how much income tax to withhold from your paycheck.
    Worker Profile Your continuously updated page which provides a quick view of your experience, skills, education, and projects.
    Worklets A compact report displayed as a “tile” on your home page, providing easy access to tasks and information you use on a regular basis.
    Ex. Worklets include Pay, Time Off, Personal Information, and Benefits.