• School Quality 


    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) envisions the pursuit of a fair, just, and good system of education in which all learners, both scholars and educators will be individually and collectively presented with academically and intellectually complex tasks that allow them with authentic opportunities to demonstrate their learning in an environment that is joyous and adventurous.  In alignment with the district’s goals for excellence in learning and teaching, CMSD strives to: 

    • create excellence by fostering high quality learning and teaching in every classroom, in every school across the city of Cleveland; 
    • ensure equity, so that every child and educator have the support, access, resources, and care that they need; every day, in every school, in order to ensure that each student graduates prepared for college, career, and life success;
    • establish environments where the learning is full of joy and adventure for all students and adults; 
    • grow the number of high-quality district and charter schools, and close or replace failing schools;  
    • focus the district’s central office on its role in school support, while transferring authority and resources to schools;  
    • invest and phase in high-leverage school reforms across all levels; and increase accountabilities for all schools in the district through the district partnership with the Cleveland Transformation Alliance (CTA). 


    As a part of the supports provided to schools from the CMSD Academics Division, the School Quality Department provides schools and departments with processes, protocols, & tools in order to better provide formative feedback, grow best practices, and support planning at the school & district levels. The School Quality department is an integral part of the Chief of Schools Division as it provides qualitative supports across the district using a 3-Tiered Support Model: 


    Tier I: Qualitative Supports for all Schools- Projects include analysis, updating, training, management, & logistics for the Pulse Check tool school visits and dashboard that help better understand emerging trends across all schools within the district’s portfolio of schools. 


    Tier II: Departmental/Selected Schools/Network Qualitative Supports- Assists in the creation and implementation of research work either "in flight or starting, the with facilitation and analysis of focus groups &/or instructional observations as needed or requested. 


    Tier III: School Quality Reviews- CMSD has continued its partnership with stakeholders to grow the portfolio of high-performing district schools.  This work includes providing a comprehensive assessment of the quality for schools in the district as identified by a multi-factored analysis. The comprehensive assessment will be an evidence-based process that includes data and information gathered on academic programs and performance, school climate, and operations. As a component of this assessment process, SchoolWorks has partnered with CMSD to develop a protocol for a school quality review process aligned to CMSD initiatives and goals, as well as a reporting template that will be used to document and communicate findings of the school quality review. 


    Contact Information:

    Megan Traum, Executive Director of School Quality




    Meagan Coggins, Manager of School Quality