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    Chronic Absenteeism

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The need is greater than ever

  • In July 2015, several hundred parents, students, educators, clergy, elected officials and community partners gathered for the kickoff of Get 2 School, You Can Make It!, a CMSD campaign to reduce chronic absenteeism.

    With support from the Cleveland Browns Foundation and other partners, CMSD joined districts across the country in rallying the public, using data to identify barriers and rewarding good attendance to deal with a national problem. Cleveland’s success inspired the Browns, the Ohio Department of Education and Harvard University to start the statewide Stay in the Game! attendance initiative.

    But that was before the pandemic. During remote learning and last year’s return to full in-person instruction, the numbers spiked.

    To get back on track, CMSD is rebooting Get 2 School! You Can Make It! The District started by staging a pep rally on Sept. 7 at the East Professional Center, see the video below.


What is chronic absenteeism?

Missing 10 percent or more days enrolled. In Ohio, that's 18 or more days in a school year.

What is the effect?

According to CMSD research, students who miss 10 or more days in a school year score an average of 12 points lower on state reading tests and 15 points on math tests. They are 34 percent more likely to be off track for graduation.

How can I help?

Students and parents can pledge to fight absenteeism.


Attendance Works

Chronic absenteeism is a nationwide problem. Attendance Works helps communities across the country find solutions. Read more at


  • CMSD strategies

  • Have those strategies worked?

  • Students with 10 or fewer absences grew to 58.6 percent in 2019
    Equivalent to more than 500 additional students on track!

The Hamilton Project at Brookings

  • The Hamilton Project at Brookings' interactive map shows rates of chronic absence along with relevant school and community factors for every school in the country. Most data is from SY 2015-16.
    Click image to go to site.
    Hamilton Project

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