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  • Manager - Human Capital Management (HCM) Terminology

     Term  Definition
    Contingent Worker A worker who is not an employee. You can use contingent worker types, such as contractor or consultant, to categorize and track contingent workers in your organization.
    Headcount The number of workers in an organization.
    Pre-Hire A term used in Staffing to identify individuals (candidates) before employment. Used in Recruiting to identify candidates who are in the Offer or Background Check stage.
    Supervisory Organization Workers grouped into a management hierarchy. Supervisory organizations are the primary organization type in Workday's HCM. All approvals and checklists are established for the supervisory organization hierarchy, with possible variations for particular organizations within that hierarchy.
    Talent Reviews A process in Workday that enables you to gather, evaluate, and report on a range of employee talent information such as skills and experience, performance and potential, career interests, and mobility preferences. The configuration of the talent review template, the Talent Review business process, and your security determine which actions employees and managers take during a talent review.
    Worker A person who is either an employee hired by a company or a contingent worker contracted by a company.
    Worktag Keywords that you can assign to transactions and supporting data to make their business purposes clear and establish common relationships through classification. You can find information more easily, filter searches down to focused results, and analyze information in aggregated and summarized reporting by business dimension.