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Plan would make South training center for city first responders, students







The school board has approved selling the former South High School to the City of Cleveland for use as a training center for public safety personnel.

CMSD will lease back a portion of the building for use by students preparing to be first responders. The program will remain at Glenville High School but give the students opportunities for regular field trips.

City and school representatives will discuss joint development of law and public safety programming for the students.

The Board of Education voted Tuesday to sell the building to the city for $435,000, with credit for improvements to areas used by the District.

CMSD will occupy the building for the first year, paying all utility and maintenance costs, then pay a prorated share of utility expenses. The District will use eight classrooms in the building and share common areas and other facilities.

The District closed South and 17 other schools 11 years ago in a plan to maximize efficiency and raise achievement. Since closing, South has been used as a storage facility and trades shop.

Last year, the school board approved selling the former Margaret Ireland School to the manufacturing advocacy group MAGNET and leasing back part of the building for student career education and training in manufacturing. MAGNET will use the building as its headquarters.