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Kindland partner donates KN95 masks




The Values-in-Action Foundation is campaigning to help Cleveland also become known as Kindland, and the foundation has set an example with an act of kindness of its own.

The foundation has given 257,000 KN95 facemasks to CMSD for use by students and staff. The masks, which were donated to Values-in-Action, are valued in total at more than $430,000. CMSD requires that masks be worn in its buildings.

The District and Cleveland Teachers Union are partnering with Values-in-Action on the Kindland initiative, which is designed to make the city feel kinder, gentler, more empathetic, more caring and more supportive.

The hope is that the goodwill being sown in the schools will spread to the community.

The foundation has provided instructional materials for use in CMSD classrooms. Schools also have received lawn signs, posters and magnetic bumper stickers for display and distribution.

Students, teachers, parents, caregivers and grandparents will be encouraged to take a Kindland pledge and enroll as citizens of Kindland.

To take the pledge, go to