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Astronauts answer students' questions from space (Video)





Members of CMSD's First Robotics Competition Teams  experienced an out-of-this-world experience at the Great Lakes Science Center.

Dr. Thomas Marsburn and Raja Chari, astronauts aboard the International Space Station, answered questions from students across Ohio, including some from CMSD.

One of the students, Jamayah, asked the astronauts to demonstrate how water behaves in orbit. 

The astronauts released drops of water to demonstrate how water droplets stick together and float.

“That was pretty cool to see,” said Jamyah a senior at East Tech High School.

Students recorded questions for the astronauts last month. This week, the crew members answered the questions live while they orbited Earth.

From the Astronaut Training Facility in Houston, Astronaut Stephanie Wilson talked about a recent trip to space and her upcoming Artemis mission that will land the first women and person of color on the moon.

An MC²STEM ninth grader, Dagian, had the opportunity to ask Wilson what it is like to be a Black woman in the field of STEM. 

“I went to college in 1988, and there were very few women of color in the field,” said Wilson. “I am happy to see the number of women entering the STEM field grow over time.”

Dagian said her answer will inspire other women to enter the field.