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Dr. Frederick D. Holliday - 1982-1985

Dr. Frederick D. Holliday
“Fred Holliday” as he was known in Cleveland, became Cleveland’s first African-American Superintendent. His term covered the years of 1982-1985. He came from the Plainfield, New Jersey School system in a period when the district was emerging from its nearly two decades of desegregation. He was a stern disciplinarian whose ebullient manner appealed to the city’s 76,000 students. He was generally credited with improving conditions in the schools, including students’ reading scores and safety. Dr. Holliday’s main concern was the welfare of children. He wanted children not only to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, but to learn to be responsible and have respect for themselves and others. Dr. Holliday was also superintendent of New York City schools from 1974-81.
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