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Vol. 18: Medicaid in Schools Part III

Policy News Update

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Medicaid News Part III

 At least for now, it appears that the  U.S. Senate’s efforts to pass health care legislation are over. During three days of consideration on the Senate floor this past week, the Senate majority failed to pass any health care reform bills, including “repeal and replace” legislation, a “repeal only” bill, and a “skinny repeal” bill. The “skinny repeal” legislation was defeated earlier this morning when three Republicans – Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and John McCain of Arizona – joined all of the Democrats in voting NO.
Our hope is that future health care reform efforts in the Senate take place under regular order, with bipartisan hearings, committee markups, and floor consideration. CMSD will continue to provide updates as any further health care discussions take place that impact CMSD scholars.
Thanks for all outreach efforts to the Senate. The negative impact of the Senate legislation on low-income children and students with disabilities in our cities was well-known on Capitol Hill because of continued connections.

Photos are courtesy of the George Gund Foundation 
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