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April 14 Learning Update (Video)

April 14, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I want to provide you with an important update on our remote learning opportunities for students.

This week, new academic enrichment learning packets to keep students actively engaged in learning during the extended school closure are available at our 22 meal sites and for download from the District’s website.

We will soon be mailing these learning packets directly to homes as well. Please note that, in addition to the learning packets, we are distributing Lakeshore Learning kits for grades PreK-5 and will soon have novels available for our middle and high school students.

This week, staff at each of our schools will continue crafting academic enrichment support plans to support our students' remote learning experience.  Watch for communications from your child’s school for a schedule of support opportunities that will enable all families to either call or contact their school virtually.  

We will also continue our technology distribution throughout the week as well, focusing first on our high school students.  Please watch for communications from your child’s high school for details about drive-up and walk-up options for picking up these technology devices.

Later this week, we will also be sharing guidance on course grading, grade promotion and graduation requirements.

During the extended school closure, please continue to follow health department guidelines for hand washing and social distancing and your school's guidelines for remaining actively engaged in learning.

Thank you,

Eric Gordon

Eric S. Gordon

Chief Executive Officer