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April 5 Learning Update (Video)

April 5, 2020

To CMSD Parents & Caregivers:

I am writing to update you on how CMSD will continue to provide learning opportunities for our students during an extension of our school closure period.

CMSD will continue to make available printed learning materials for our students.  These updated materials can be picked up at our 22 meal sites or downloaded off of our website at

These materials can also be printed for free at any Staples store.  Look for a list of those Staples locations on our website. We also are working on a plan to mail learning materials directly to our students’ homes in the future as well.

In addition to these printed materials, CMSD teachers are focusing on four core areas of support for our students. These areas include:

  • providing ways to keep students actively engaged in learning opportunities as prescribed in House Bill 197; 
  • providing reasonable supports to students with special needs, including completing IEPs and ETRs; 
  • supporting our high school seniors in determining if they meet Ohio’s modified graduation requirements, and preparing college bound seniors to complete their FASFA and Say Yes to Education applications, and other college entrance requirements.
  • providing supports for ELL and gifted students and students with special needs; and 
  • continuing to support family engagement and communication on a regular basis.

We will be providing extra training this week about how best to provide these areas of support to principals and teacher leaders at every CMSD school.  Students and parents are encouraged to stay in direct contact with their teachers and school by telephone, email and the various other ways students were engaged with their faculty prior to this school closure.

This week, CMSD will also increase our purchase and distribution of computers, wireless hot spots, and other devices that can help better connect our students to their teachers.

To assess the needs of our community, we will be conducting a very important 6-question survey tomorrow, Monday, April 6th. It is vital that every family complete this short survey, which can be done by telephone or email, to ensure we have the best information possible to responsibly purchase and distribute the  additional technology needed to connect our students to their lessons.

We plan continue to review and update our extended learning opportunities plan weekly to determine what’s working well and what we we can do better to meet the needs of students and families.  I will continue to update you by phone, video, and email to ensure you are well informed.

Thank you.