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May 4 - Teacher Appreciation Week, Virtual Prom Takeover

May 4, 2020


Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students:

This week, May 4th through May 8th, is National Teacher Appreciation Week! I’m so proud of CMSD’s teachers and other educators across the District for all of the efforts they are making to support our scholars during this school closure. I also want to acknowledge all of our parents and caregivers who have also served as teachers during this extended period of remote learning. My appreciation goes out to every one of you for your patience and resilience during this difficult time.

So this week, let’s celebrate our teachers, all of our teachers! Please follow us on social media and join us in posting photos of parents in the role of teacher, and posting your own expressions of gratitude to those CMSD teachers who are making a difference in the lives of your children, hashtag, #CelebrateCMSD!

It’s also prom season, and I know our juniors and seniors are really missing this important annual right of passage. So I am pleased to announce that CMSD is partnering with Radio One: Z107.9, on a virtual Prom Takeover this Friday, May 8th!  The citywide CMSD and Radio One Prom Takeover will air from 10:00 p.m. until midnight. DJs will air song requests and high school shout-outs and will share social media posts as well as photos of our students’ virtual prom dates and votes for prom king and queen. We will be sharing more information about Friday night’s Z107.9 Prom Takeover all week.

Students, please stay engaged with your teachers and complete the enrichment materials mailed to your home and provided by your teacher. If you need assistance, please contact your school to reach a teacher or administrator.

For those needing additional assistance, please call our Customer Experience Office at 216-838-0000 for English and 216-838-0001 for Spanish.

For help with any of the District devices or hotspots we have distributed to enable access to online learning opportunities, call our Technology Help Desk at 216-838-0440.

Please remember to continue practicing good social distancing to ensure you remain safe, healthy and well.

Thank you. Have a great week!


Eric Gordon

Eric S. Gordon

Chief Executive Officer