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1-20-2022 Winter Update

January 20th, 2022

Dear CMSD Students, Families and Educators:

This week, we enter our second semester, meaning we are halfway through what has surely been the most difficult school year of our lifetimes. 

I want to say a heartfelt “Thank you!” to all of our students, families and educators for your dedication and support. You adapted to a week of remote learning taken as a precaution after winter break, and then you came back strong to in-person learning.  Thank you!

We have two more grading periods to go before summer. Please help us stay on track by wearing your masks and following all of our other safety protocols. We also are implementing voluntary COVID-19 testing in our buildings across the District, and I encourage those of you who are eligible to take advantage of opportunities to be vaccinated.

I am pleased to share that I have been asked to serve on a citywide COVID task force formed by our new mayor, Justin Bibb. As part of our work, this task force will work diligently to educate our community on COVID safety and develop strategies for coping with the pandemic, including efforts to provide information and education to our students and families about the available vaccines and where you can get them.

Because of your strong support, our District has made great strides under the most trying of circumstances. We have embarked on a new Vision of Learning, expanded arts and music, started afterschool programs, launched career planning for all students, and more. 

Before the pandemic, CMSD students and educators, with support from our families, were achieving gains that outpaced those of school districts across the state. This past semester, the pandemic posed your toughest test yet – and you took it on with grit and determination. I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you for all you’ve done as a school community over the past semester, and I wish you a great second semester!


eric s. gordon

Eric S. Gordon
Chief Executive Officer
Cleveland Metropolitan School District