• Giving to CMSD

    students Every year thousands of our students benefit from the kindness of our donors.
    We are grateful to the alumni, teachers, friends, corporations, and foundations which support the Cleveland Metropolitan School District each year. Your generosity provides additional resources needed to provide educational and enrichment opportunities for our students.
    There are many ways to help our students. You can share your time, serving as a volunteer, tutor, and mentor. You can share opportunities, providing internships and field placement jobs. You can share material resources, making in-kind contributions of library materials and classroom equipment. Finally, you can share wealth, providing scholarships and financial contributions.

    Gifts to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District provide the following:

    • Scholarships
    • Academic Programs
    • Teacher Professional Development
    • Technological Upgrades
    • Classroom Equipment
    Contributions to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District take many forms and may be directed to the school, department or program of your choice.
    Every gift is important. Every gift helps our students.
    To discuss ways you can give to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, please contact:

    Leo Serrano- Executive Director

    Office of Institutional Advancement
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District
    1111 Superior Avenue E, Suite 1800
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    Phone: 216.838.0025 
    Fax: 216.426.5144