• Reset your password in O365


    Instructions to Access your Office 365 Account:
    1. Go to clevelandmetroschools.org
    2. Click Staff
    3. Click Office 365
    4. Login with Current Credentials
    Instructions to Change your Password:
    1. In Office365, click on the ‘gear’ icon next to your picture or initials in the upper right corner
    2. In the Settings section Click on the link “Change your password ->”
    3. In the ‘change password,’ window,
    a. enter your current password  in the ‘Old password’ box / field.
    b. enter a new password in the ‘Create new password’ box / field.
    c. enter the new password in the ‘Confirm new password’  box / field.
    4. Click the ‘submit’ button
    5. The Office 365 password has changed. 
    6. In fifteen (15) minutes the password will change on the CMSD network.
            Note:  Important because it is the same password for Workday and the Service Catalog.