PACE = Planning and Career Exploration

    PACE was created over two years, FOR SCHOLARS by a community of more than 100 individuals, 40 organizations, and 75 employer partners. PACE is a continuum of in-school curriculum, out-of-school experiences, and career advising for sixth through twelfth graders. It is a new way of thinking that shifts the conversation adults have with scholars from “Will you attend college or go straight into a career?” to “What is your career goal? Here are multiple ways you can get there.”

    PACE is built upon four core components and associated skills. The four components are:

    • self-knowledge and self-awareness
    • career awareness and career exploration
    • active career planning and decision-making; and
    • work- and career-based learning.

    And the associated skills include financial literacy, preparing for employability, and networking.


    PACE supports individual scholars by:

    • Guiding them to identify their own passions, strengths, and interests
    • Embedding career awareness and exploration in the classroom
    • Helping them plan and make decisions about their future
    • Meeting them where they are in the process of planning for their future
    • Helping them create a plan that defines THEIR career vision
    • Teaching them how to add to or change their career journey
    • Introducing new occupations and careers, especially those in-demand locally
    • Providing opportunities to meet and learn from professionals
    • Giving them access to advisors, mentors, and coaches
    • Supporting them as they work with their classmates to pursue their passions
    • Opening doors to accessible, connected, and experiential work- and career-based learning opportunities
    • Preparing them for quality workplace experiences
    • Creating an opportunity to network with local mentors, alumni, and professionals


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