• 1 to 1 program

    1:1 Program

    CMSD's 1:1 program ensures that each student has a computer device to use in school and at home. The program extends to CMSD staff as well to provide teachers and other CMSD staff with the required technology to perform their jobs. Combined with  empowerCMSD program, the district enables students to stay connected to the internet from their homes throughout the year.

    1:1 Program Services

    The division of Information technology offers services to achieve the 1:1 program's goals. CMSD staff can access and request these services through the links below. For  convenient access, each service is described, explained and includes a direct link for staff to request the service.

    Servicing Families

    While families cannot access the links to request services, they can call the IT service desk at 216.838.0440 for any issues related to computer devices and internet. The Division of IT collaborates with schools to support any family that calls.

Requesting 1:1 Program Services

  • Devices for new students

  • Replace damaged and lost/stolen devices

  • Prek-K iPads for new students

  • Replace Prek-K ipads - Damaged/Lost/Stolen

  • Devices for new staff

  • Hotspots

  • 1:1 Technology accessories ( headsets, chargers, hovercams..etc)

  • Request Removal of Obsolete Technology

  • One2One Manager

    Device assignments in buildings are managed with the 1:1 Manager system. Select sign in, One2One Manager, and log in with Microsoft account