• FF: Naming Facilities


    Only the Board of Education has the authority to name or rename school buildings and other facilities, or portions of buildings and other facilities, under the control of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  Portions of school buildings or other facilities may include rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, athletic fields and libraries/media centers.  

    The Board may consider naming school buildings or other facilities after a person, geographic area, general features of the area, or may consider any other names that the Board deems appropriate.   

    When the Board determines to consider the naming of a new school building or other facility, or the renaming of an existing school building or other facility, or the naming of a portion of a school building or other facility, the following procedure may be utilized:

    • The Board may solicit public input from the community regarding any considered name change. This solicitation of public input may include, holding community forums, conducting community surveys, appointing a community-based advisory committee to assist the Board in this process, or any other method deemed appropriate by the Board. Special attention shall be given to obtaining public input from the school community in question, including parents, students, alumni, neighbors, teachers and staff of the school, and elected officials representing the school community;
    • The Board shall seek the input or recommendation of the Chief Executive Officer; and
    • Upon obtaining sufficient community input the Board shall discuss the naming or renaming at one or more public Board Work Sessions, prior to formally voting on naming or renaming a building at a public Board Business Meeting;.

    In determining to name or rename any school building or other facility, or any portion thereof, the Board shall consider the following factors:

    • Whether an existing building, or a newly constructed building on an existing school site has a long-standing, traditional or historic name, which has long identified the building in the community.
    • If considering naming or renaming a school building or other facility, or any portion thereof, after a person, the Board shall consider persons who are recognized by the general public and widely respected, and embody exemplary qualities that can serve as a model of excellence, and shall consider the significant contributions that such persons have made to our nation, state or local community, after having adequately researched such contributions by such persons.


    • Adopted: May 27, 2018

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