• CMSD is Growing Momentum

    (Our Strategic Path Forward)

    Strategic Priorities

  • Core Measures (5 Year Goals)

    College and Career Measures

    • 90% of scholars enrolled in college, employed or enlisted
    • 4-year and 5-year graduation rates at 90%

    Achievement Measures

    • (K-8) 65% of scholars achieving proficiency in ELA and Math
    • (High School) 55% of scholars achieving proficiency in ELA and Math

    Culture and Climate Measures

    • % of scholars reporting social emotional wellness
    • # of serious safety incidents reported in schools

    Equity Measures

    • % of schools exceeding state growth expectations in Math and ELA
    • Achieving targets designed to eliminate gaps
    • Proportionality of discipline rates by race and other subgroups
    • % of ELL scholars achieving proficiency goals


    Defining our Strategic Priorities

    Safe and Supportive Culture

    Establish a values-based organizational culture that ensures physical and emotional safety, promotes equity and excellence, and fosters authentic belonging and relationships for all scholars and adults.

    A Strong and Engaging Instructional Core

    Increase scholar engagement in rigorous and engaging learning by deeply and consistently implementing high-quality instructional materials and practices.

    Educator Learning

    Establish professional learning experiences and opportunities that empower each CMSD educator to model our values and improve their craft, with emphasis on opportunities related to instruction and instructional leadership.

    Coherent Central System

    Strengthen central office processes to ensure financial sustainability, increase responsiveness to schools, and promote equity, clarity, and coherence.

    Engaged Community

    Establish and maintain strong partnerships with scholars, families, staff, and other community members (including residents, civic leaders, local businesses, and nonprofits) that foster authentic engagement aligned to CMSD's mission, values, and strategic plan.


    Defining our Core Values
    Equity and Inclusion

    We ensure that each scholar, staff, and community member can fully and comfortably be themselves, have the opportunity to thrive, and is celebrated for their unique contributions, regardless of all dimensions of identity (race, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, ability, age, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socio-economic status, title, or other).

    Student and Community

    We deeply respect our scholars and their families, making them our top priority and placing their needs at the forefront of everything we do.

    growth and learning

    We inspire and support our scholars, staff, and community members to embrace a growth mindset, find joy and adventure in working through hard problems, and continuously improve, both individually and collectively.

    Care and Wellbeing

    We strive to create an environment where each scholar, staff, and community member feels welcome and safe while providing scholars and staff with the necessary wrap-around support to fully engage in their development.

    Excellence and Achievement

    We challenge our scholars and staff to achieve excellence and realize their full individual potential, and hold ourselves, as staff, accountable for results.