• Here is the essentials of a department homepage:
    • A title bar consisting of the Department Title as a Heading 1 style, and a horizontal bar that goes all the way across the available space. Sample HTML:
      <h1>Office of Professional Development</h1>
      <hr />
    • A vision statement of less than 80 words.
    • An introduction paragraph of 200-400 words. This should address what the department is responsible for and how it serves the community.
    • A photo (preferably a team photo of the department) or graphic that illustrates the department. 
    • A list of the main resources that the department uses.
    • The main contact people for the department starting with the department Lead.


    A more complex department homepage:

    • Contains everything from the department homepage essentials.
    • May contain: Upcoming Events, Announcements, File Library or Quick Links.
    • We DO NOT want this page to be too long! Please try to be direct and to the point on these homepages. If you can put the information on a subpage-do so.