Building better school websites

  • Keep it short to communicate better!

    Keep it short to communicate better!

    Parents are more stressed for time now more than ever, our communication needs to respect that and deliver the message succinctly for parents to understand it quickly.

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  •  Winter days

    Keep your families engaged!

    Winter break is usually a time for families to come together and students to take a break. This also means students are regressing in their academics and will take some time to come up to speed. Don't let that happen.

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  •  Accessibility

    Get your reports noticed!

    Do you develop and post reports online that are of interest to people outside the District? Follow these simple steps to make sure your documents are easily found through an online search.

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  •  Website URL

    Making your effort count

    You've built it, but why aren't they coming? Organic strategies to drive engagement with families and your community.

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  • Digital Arts website

    Cleveland High School for Digital Arts is driving online engagement.

    After a review of the site visitors to our High School websites, Cleveland High School for Digital Arts stands above the rest. They are the only one to have more than one thousand visitors for each of the last four months and they are the only one to make it over the two thousand visit threshold.

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  • Cleveland School of Science and Medicine website

    Want to attract New families to your school

    A great way to welcome prospective families is to have a page dedicated to them that you can use on flyers or mailings.

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  • photo editor

    Working with Images

    Great images are the one item on a website that will sell your school to potential families. Read this article to learn how to properly crop your photos to work with the main photo gallery on your homepage.

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  • Lincoln-West website

    Does your school need a website?

    Most school administrators are hesitant to jump into a online marketing/communication strategy. District Communications can help temper some of that fear by helping you get started on the right foot.

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