• Early Childhood Education

    student It is the vision of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District that every student in our Early Childhood grades (Pre-K--3) will be successful in a rigorous instructional program. Our Early Childhood program addresses the language and cognitive development of students in addition to addressing the social, emotional, and physical needs of every child.

    The mission of the Early Childhood Office is to create a rich and stimulating, child centered environment in every classroom. Parents can expect to find developmentally appropriate teaching strategies in a center-based setting in every one of our Pre-K-3 classrooms.

    As we continually strive to optimize the conditions for learning for CMSD’s youngest learners, each student is valued for his/her unique experiences and learning style, as we work toward our ultimate goal is to help them become successful independent learners.

    Preschool Enrollment Information

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    Preschool Enrollment Requirements:
    1. 4 years old by September 30th
    2. Resident of Cleveland
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Physical Examination form (must be signed and dated)
    5. Current immunization records
    6. Dental Exam (must be signed and dated)
    7. Proof of address (no transportation for preschool)
    8. Parent/Guardian Valid Driver's License/State ID card
    9. Guardianship documents (if applicable)
    10. Medical Insurance card for the child (front & back)
    11. Proof of Household income


    Additional Information

    1. This is a free, full-day program that follows the Cleveland Metropolitan School District calendar
    2. There is no transportation for the regular education preschool student
    3. A physical and dental form will be provided by the Early Childhood Office. These forms must be completed and given to the Preschool teacher at the start of the Preschool program
    4. Parent/Guardian must sign the child in at the beginning of the school day and sign them out at the end of the school day.
    5. There is no before or after school care.
    6. Preschool students are enrolled based on their residential zip code. Preschool students that have siblings in K-12 may enroll out of their residential zip code.

    High quality preschool prepares your 4 year old for success in kindergarten!

    Pre enrollment for the start of school August 2020 begins March 2, 2020.  (seats are limited)

    There is NO Preschool enrollment through the school choice portal.

    Call 216-838-0110 or visit your neighborhood CMSD preschool for more details!

    Visit http://clevelandmetroschools.org/Page/10335 for a list of our preschool locations!

    *Eligibility and capacity varies by location. Pre-registration does not guarantee a placement.


    Preschool Parent Handbook
    Preschool Parent Handbook



    Invest in Children
    We are proud to partner with Invest in Children’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program to deliver a high-quality preschool experience for the families and children we serve.


    Early Childhood Offices

    East Professional Center
    1349 East 79th Street
    Cleveland, Oh 44103
    Rooms 112 and 208
    Nicole Vitale, Executive Director of Early Childhood Education and PK-3 Literacy
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0234
    Gloriane SmithProgram Manager of Early Literacy, PK-3
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0231
    Amy WallackEarly Learning Assessment and Accountability Manager 
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110
    Vacant, Manager of Early Learning Partnerships and Transition
    Email | Phone: 216.838.5981 
    Rosland Prather-Seaborn, Business and Technology Manager 
    Email | Phone: 216.838.182
    Traci InmonEarly Learning Model Lead Teacher Data Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110
    Erin ShakourEarly Learning Model Lead Teacher Data Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110 
    Michael GliebeEarly Learning Model Lead Teacher Data Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110 
    Raquel WhiteEarly Learning Model Lead Teacher Data Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110 
    Susan Ehlert, Teacher on Assignment
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110
    Dolores Khadige, Teacher on Assignment
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110
    Matthew Lamovec, IT Support for Early Childhood and Literacy
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110

    Jacqueline I. Williams, Administrative Assistant
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0232
    Sadie MatlockAdministrative Assistant
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0235
    Frankie SchompertAdministrative Assistant
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110
    Karla KoonceEnrollment Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0110
    For additional information, please email: earlychildhood@clevelandmetroschools.org