Cleveland High School for Digital Arts is driving online engagement.

Cleveland High School for Digital Arts 5/25/2024
After a review of the site visitors to our High School websites, Cleveland High School for Digital Arts stands above the rest. They are the only one to have more than one thousand visitors for each of the last four months and they are the only one to make it over the two thousand visit threshold.

So how are they doing it? 

Being an ARTS school, they wanted to feature large photos of students in action that could really describe what goes on at the school. The photos are engaging and show the different academic pathways the school has to offer.
Other things they do well:
  • offer school news front and center
  • user-friendly with global icon links to high-traffic resources
  • engaging course descriptions
  • Student Life channel that shows a dynamic learning environment
  • up-to-date calendar of events
  • Video of a student-produced show
When you finally have a website you think can effectively market your school- you can help drive traffic by raising awareness through parent meetings, newsletters, flyers - even with something as simple as your email signature line!
The idea is to make the website your main communication tool and a space that parents can trust to find the information they need. I know it sounds like a tall order but once you get the framework set - you can then concentrate on news and events. Before you know it you will begin to find things that should be on your website. Have your school secretary start writing down the questions she gets every day-you will have the start to a great FAQ page. 
Other ideas:
  • Have a student showcase area - could be newsletter or artwork
  • Have students make or submit photos
  • Internship and scholarship resource page
  • What is unique about your school that you could use to drive traffic to the site - Do you have a coffee shop that you could have a coupon on a page?  Do you have a Fab-Lab or Restaurant? Could you have a contest and announce the winner online? 
Who is going to take over the Top Spot next time???