Making your effort count

promoting your website.

You have finally got your website up-to-date and you think you are done for a while.




Once you have your content current - now is the time to start to make sure it is on all of your communications and messaging.

  • Is your URL in your email signature line?
  • Did you mention it in your newsletter?-Story about it?-in the contact info section?
  • Is it on your letterhead?
  • Does your SPO know about it-do they have any input?
  • Does you sectretary know about it and can tell the URL? Do they mention that school policies can be found on the website (they are there right?)?
  • Do you have social media like facebook, twitter or instagram. Is your website listed. Have you linked over to the website lately? 

These are all simple ways to build in awareness of your website for your families and community. Once you start doing this frequently-you will start to see other opportunities for placement and engagement.

I would love it if you shared any unique ways you were able to promote your website using a comment below-that way everyone can learn at the same time. Thanks for sharing!