• How can I help?

    CEO reading with students

    “Schools alone cannot prepare the children of Cleveland for the complex challenges of a 21st century global economy. Delivering a quality education in today’s rapidly changing world requires the contribution, commitment and support of the entire community.”

    — Eric S. Gordon, CEO

    1. Volunteer to help in the office, cafeteria, halls or classrooms of one of our schools
      Judith Lozada: 216.838.0337 • Email
    2. Mentor CMSD youth
      Elizabeth Nelson: 216.838.0101 • Email
    3. Tutor students who need additional academic support
      Judith Lozada: 216.838.0337 • Email
    4. PACE – Putting CMSD scholars on the path from here to a career
      Please contact to Angelina Pryor-Ferguson at  PACE@clevelandmetroschools.org for internship opportunities.
    5. Collect and donate school supplies and books for our classrooms
      Tracy Hill: 216.838.0331 or 216.640.3942 • Email
    6. Provide extended day programs for kids before and after school and on weekends
      Carol Lockhart: 216.838.4968 • Email 
    7. Make a contribution
      Leo Serrano: 216.838.0025 • Email