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    Home School

    Parents or guardians who decide to home school their children take on the full responsibility of educating their child.   This includes choosing age appropriate educational curriculum, course of study, educational exposure trips and any other educational material for their children.   There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option.  If a home school student returns to a public school, the district superintendent determines the appropriate grade level for the student.

    Requirements for Home School per Ohio Department of Education: 

    Parents should start by notifying the superintendent of the school district where they reside about their intent to home school their child/or children. Notification should be provided no later than the first week of the start of the public school building the child would attend in the school district of residence or within one week from the child's withdrawal from a school. 


    Parents agree to:

    • Provide 900 hours of instruction per year
    • Notify the superintendent every year
    • Provide an assessment of the students work 

    See Frequently Asked Questions on the Ohio Department of Education's website.

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